‘Orange You Glad’ Gift Idea (Free Printable Tags)

Oh Hello!

It’s been awhile. We know.

Let’s pretend we haven’t been absent for almost 7 months. Ok? Good.

I’ve seen these cute ‘Orange You Glad’ gifts on Pinterest and decided they would make a fun back to school gift for my kids’ teachers. We made this basket below and added some fun ‘orange’ items. Obviously we are past ‘back to school’. So, I not only made a couple of tags for teachers, but I also made them so that they could be given to friends, co-workers and birthday gifts as well! Scroll to the bottom to print out the free printable tags.

organge you glad picture

Here is a cute one from My Pookie Designs.

Orange-you-glad-gift Pookie Designs

I had pinned this idea from Coley’s Corner awhile back which is where I got the idea for the orange tags. I love the cup filled with orange things.

coleys corner orange you glad

I love this simple gift idea because it can be one ‘orange’ item or many ‘orange’ items.

Click HERE or on the image below to download and print these free tags.



Orange you glad


organge you glad picture


Now, ORANGE you glad we came back?


(and Jess…she’s here too…really!)

To Our Creative, Talented and Compassionate Readers, Would You Be willing to Donate Your Handmade or Business Items To This Family’s Silent Auction?

On December 7, 2012, our neighbors received a phone call that is every parent’s nightmare. Their 27 year old son, Timmothy, was in a tragic car accident. As you can imagine, the weeks that followed have been extremely difficult. But, in the midst of this tragedy, there have also been many miracles.

Timmothy has a long recovery ahead of him. Please take a minute to watch the video below. The amount of injuries that Timmothy suffered is overwhelming, but more importantly this video shows what an inspiration he has been to everyone around him. Thankfully, he is expected to fully recover, but his medical expenses are immense and continue to rise. On April 13, 2013, there will be a silent auction to help with these rising expenses.

Here is where you can help!

We know how many creative and talented readers we have out there. We realize that many of you don’t know this family, but if you were in The Lang’s situation, you would be beyond appreciative for the support!

The silent auction will have a variety of things donated. There will be some big items as well as some themed baskets with lots of smaller items. If you feel led to donate something from your business

please contact me here.

I will email you the address of where to send your donations. Click on the donation form below to download and print.

If you are able and feel led to help with a monetary donation, please click below. 


You can also follow his Facebook page Love For Timmothy

The Lang Family appreciates your support!

Crash Survivor, Timmothy Lang


Click on either image below to download and print the donation form.




You are the best!

Thank you,


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‘Pin The Kiss’ Game


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