Scrabble Tile Pendant tutorial {Free Initial Printable}


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I originally started making these for Valentine’s Day, but things got so busy that week that I never got around to posting this. So, I decided to create something fun to wear on St. Patrick’s Day.

These are very simple to make. And you can print these initials I designed and use whatever one you’d like.

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What you need:

~Free ‘Initials’ printable (below)

~Glossy Accents/Diamond Glaze (found at craft stores)

~Glitter Glue (optional)

~Scrabble Tiles (can buy in bulk at craft stores)

~E-6000 Glue or Superglue

~Glue Tape Runner or Tacky Glue

~Mod Podge

~Silver Bail (found in the jewelry section at craft stores)

How to make:

1. Download and print the free printable initials below. Cut out the initials you would like to use.

2. Take a scrabble tile and line it up with the initial. You will need to cut it a bit to match it completely to the scrabble tile as they are all slightly different sizes.

3. Glue the paper onto the tile with a glue runner or tacky glue. Press it down hard so that it sticks on well.

4. If you’d like to add some glitter at this point, dab some glitter glue to embellish the shamrock or hearts.

5. Once the glitter is dry then you could Mod Podge over the paper to seal it. (I actually skipped this step.)

6. When everything is completely dry then take your glossy accents (or Diamond Glaze) and follow the directions on the bottle by putting a layer on the tile. It should not run over the edges even thought it seems like it might.

7. Once it’s dried completely add the silver bail to the back. Put it on a chain for your kiddos to wear on St. Patty’s Day or whenever they’d like!

scrabble tiles

Click here or on the picture below to download and print.

This is sized to be printed on 8.5 x11 inch paper.

For best results we recommend using a quality matte paper and printing it on an ink jet printer.

Scrabble Tile Initals



Hey guys! This is Jess! When I saw Jenny’s adorable Scrabble Tile Necklaces, I got really excited because I have done these before in the past and REALLY LOVE this craft! It is super easy and really cute. When I made my first one, it was at MOPS and the necklace I made was for my daughter Kaylee, she was 4 at the time. She STILL has it and treasures it (She is only 5 now, it’s not like YEARS have passed in between but for a 4 year old to hold onto something, especially my daughter who loses EVERYTHING, it is surprising that this necklace is still being worn and in its original form!). So I thought I would share it with you. And the great thing is, you can not only use Jenny’s stinkin’ ADORABLE initials that she provided but you can also use photos (granted they would have to be small, like the little proof print sheets you get at Costco or Shutterfly when you order your prints) or just use scrapbook paper and cut out a design you like! This is Kaylee’s Necklace below, I did the same steps as Jenny, just used a scrap of scrapbook paper for the butterfly and cut it to size.



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Happy Valentine’s Day!


Happy Valentine’s Day friends! Or as my friend Christina’s son, Aaron, said, “Happy Single’s Awareness Day!” That totally made me laugh when I saw that today! 

Jenny and I still have a few more “love” inspired crafts to share with you but we are going to spread those out over the rest of the month since in reality you should be expressing your love to your loved ones on more than just one day a year!  I thought I would share with you how we are celebrating Valentine’s Day in our house today.

I should probably first tell you that my hubby and I are not real big on making Valentine’s Day a huge deal to each other. We rarely EVER do gifts or actually go out on Valentine’s Day itself. But we do make sure to write something out to each other or send notes or texts to each other during the day. My hubby is great at being romantic, especially when he is NOT being told he HAS to. In the past we usually just go out to dinner on a different night of that week and get some yummy chocolates to share!  BUT since we are both off sweets right now, there won’t be any chocolates involved (I KNOW, how can it be Valentines without CHOCOLATE? Well, how can I get through ANY DAY without chocolate!).

I do like to shower the kiddos with some fun V-day love though! This year, I picked up a couple bright colored mailboxes from the $1 bin at Target, added some cute stickers and then a few special treats and surprised them with them this morning! They thought it was so awesome! (And I don’t think I spent more than $5 per each kid!)

Here are their mailboxes (which they are already using to send notes back and forth!)







Cole was super excited for his Valentine Party in class today and Kaylee and I headed off to MOPS (Mothers of Preschoolers) where she had her own special Valentines to hand out! My Mops group had to bring food this morning so I decided to make these adorable Cupid’s Arrow Red Velvet Cupcakes! They were super easy and fun to make!!


I made a few of the larger sized ones with arrows and then made mini cupcakes with the rest and just frosted them the same. There are over 60 moms in our group so I needed many cupcakes!


I am thinking that I will pick up a heart shaped pizza from Papa Murphy’s for dinner tonight since we usually are juggling martial arts and dinner on Tuesday nights! I am excited to have dinner with my hubby later in the week and I am crossing my fingers that I can drag him get him to take me to see The Vow after dinner!!

What are your plans for the day of LOVE?


Valentine Wreath LOVE


Valentines Day is only 4 days away! How did that sneak up on me so fast?! Yikes!

A couple of days ago I shared with you 2 different Valentine wreath ideas and today I have another for you! I was going to make 3 wreaths total but one is still a work in progress and with Valentine’s day so close, I think I might be shelving it until NEXT Valentine’s Day!

Darn you Pinterest!!! So many good ideas….so little time!!

Today’s wreath is  a total Pinterest inspiration (seriously, do I even get ideas from anywhere else anymore!). I found this wreath on Pinterest as a Christmas idea and I did end up making one very similar for Christmas. Then I decided I wanted to make one in Valentine colors too! Here is the original wreath from Pinterest:

Aren’t you just SHOCKED that it is made out of rosettes??!! Remember, I warned you! Rosettes and wreaths are sort of a “thing” for me right now! And honestly she has a really good tutorial for rosette making on this page! I tried to do a tutorial but it SO did not work (should have realized I don’t have 3 arms- needed someone to help me with the picture taking as I am rolling!) If you are still confused as to how to make the rosettes, YouTube it, there are a bunch of different tutorials out there!

And my wreath was seriously quite cheap to make! I found a super great secret- Wal-Mart (don’t tell my husband I am promoting Wal-Mart- he might break out in hives! But my step-mom Judy will LOVE me for promoting Wal-Mart!) carries these wreaths for only $3.50 (that is really cheap for this size of wreath!) AND they have the fabric swatches that I use to make my rosettes for only $.97. I paid twice that at another craft store that shall remain nameless (but it rhymes with Show Anns!)  So I bought the wreath for $3.50, 2 fabric swatches (red and white) and the berries I had leftover from Christmas. SO this wreath cost me right about $6 total to make. LOVE it!! (My hubby REALLY loves to hear that!)

So that was my inspiration and here is my actual Valentine wreath! ( I could not get a shot in any better lighting to SAVE MY LIFE! Remember- still haven’t moved that camera off the auto setting!)




This wreath sits right inside our front door. This sign usually hangs there:




I love changing things out for different seasons, it gives me something new to look at!


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Four Valentine Décor Ideas & Free Printable

puffy paint & glitter bottle (8 of 13)

It’s obvious Jess and I like to decorate as the season’s change. I’ve always enjoyed it, but I’m noticing that my kids look forward to it as well. My 9 year old was asking, not too long into January, if we could put out all of our Valentine’s décor. I made her wait a bit, but we finally got around to doing it. I added a couple of new things this year and below are four ideas to add some ‘love’ to your décor.

Glittered Jars

I had so much fun making my Christmas ornaments I decided try it with other jars as well. To get the full tutorial on how to make these go here.

glittered jars


Fabric Paint On Glass Bottles

These are so simple to make. I love that you don’t have to be perfect. You can use any color fabric paint and write/draw whatever you’d like on your bottle. Then just spray paint it with any color.

Fabric Paint Jars


Be Mine & XOXO Blocks

I designed this free printable for you to use on your 2 inch blocks. Click on the pictures below to download them.

puffy paint & glitter bottle (9 of 13)


One of the reasons my kids wanted to get the Valentines stuff out right away was because they each have their own little mailbox. A few times a week I will add little goodies or notes inside of them. So, when the flag is up then they know that they have something inside waiting for them.

Free Printable Blocks

I love the printable above.

If you would like to download it you can find it at

If you would like to download either printable for the 2 inch blocks I have created two colors for you to choose from. Click on either picture below to download and print.

Block Be Mine Pink


Block Be Mine Red



Valentine Wreath Inspiration


Hello Plum Adorable Friends! It has been a CRAZY week! Jenny and I were up to our elbows in sign making and shipping for Groopdealz! We had a lot of fun and it was really successful, we sold out of all 70 signs and then added 20 more and sold out of those too! So we have been busy making and mailing 90 signs out across the country. I meant to take pictures of the whole process to show you all but that simply didn’t happen! And now that we are all done with the signs (until we come up with another one!) we are super excited to start sharing some Adorable Valentines ideas with you!

I have a little obsession with wreaths lately! I found about 10 on Pinterest that I really wanted to do but finally had to cut myself off and went with just 3. The first wreath I want to share is inspired by Jenny and I’s friend, Tamara. See, she (and our other friend, Nichole) have been holding out on us! We didn’t know they were crafty until very recently when they discovered the wonderful world of Pinterest (thanks to Jenny’s prompting). Then all of a sudden, these girls are crafting up a storm! They had some really cute wreaths that they both made for Christmas and then Tamara showed us the one she made for Valentines! She kindly let us put it here on the blog and inspired me to do a wreath in the same fashion.

Here is Tamara’s ADORABLE Valentine Wreath!

Valentine Wreath (Tamara)

I LOVE the yarn wreath! I love the simplicity of it! I would say that I love how super easy they are but I don’t want to mislead you! They are easy in terms of not having a lot of materials needed or even a lot of complicated steps but they are time consuming in terms of wrapping and wrapping and wrapping….around and around and around and around and then tightening to make sure it lines up nicely and looks great too! SO I will say easy but time consuming and monotonous… do it while watching a movie! (I did!) So Tamara’s wreath inspired me to make one of my own! Only I really wanted it to be heart shaped and boy did I get lucky in that department!!

I found this heart form at Jo-Ann’s and luckily for me someone broke it! That means they sold it to me for 75% off! Total Steal! AND I still got to use my 50% off coupon on my yarn! So it was super cheap!


And that break in the heart? I just used some white duct tape and you would never know! (Especially when it will be covered by beautiful red yarn anyways!) So I was able to easily fix this broken heart!


So like I said, it is really easy to wrap it all up…just time consuming! And I didn’t anticipate how I would make the tip of the heart come together. That took some brainwork (I was TRYING to watch a movie!) and I couldn’t honestly explain it other than to say that I crisscrossed a lot and then had glue it a little at the back.




I wasn’t quite happy with the finished product so I decided to add something  else to spice it up!




Rosettes are another minor obsession of mine! You might see them A LOT on my Valentine stuff (just a warning up front!).

So I thought I was all done! Pretty Valentine Wreath ready to display!! But I just felt like it needed ONE more thing! (Thank the Lord I do NOT do this to myself, I would be way over accessorized! )
So I HAD to add some white yarn! I think I’m done now!





Except…. I think  I want to display it somewhere else! And then Mr. Adorable (Tyler for those who would prefer that I didn’t call him that- like him!) said he thought it was too Christmas-y now (candy cane flashbacks). So what do you think? White yarn or no white yarn??

Oh and PS…that adorable “LOVE” printable you see next to my wreath came from here!

Thanks again Tamara for letting me share your Adorable wreath and inspiration to make one too!


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Sugar cookie Bars


sugar cookie bars

I’ve had this recipe pinned for awhile now. I finally made them a couple of weeks ago and I thought it was the perfect time to share them now that it’s February!

This recipe came from Jamie Cooks It Up. She is one of my favorite bloggers. She has so many great recipes and menu ideas. She has five children, so she really knows how to cook to make the kiddos happy too! These sugar cookie bars certainly made my kids (and husband) happy.

I decided to leave the frosting white and then cut out heart shapes out of wax paper. I put the wax paper on top of the frosting and decorated them with sprinkles. Once you pull off the wax paper then voila!


See, now they are so cute you won’t even want to eat them!  (2 of 13)

I know.

That would never happen.

Sugar Cookie Bars

Yield: about 60 bars (depending on how big you cut them)
Time: about 40 minutes + time to cool and frost
Recipe from MyDearMother


1 1/2 C sugar
1 C butter, softened
8 oz cream cheese, softened
1 egg
1/2 t almond extract
1 t vanilla
1/2 t baking soda
1 t baking powder
2 1/2 C flour
1/2 C butter softened
4 oz cream cheese, softened
3 1/2 C powdered sugar
3-5 T milk
1 t vanilla
Food coloring & Sprinkles (optional)

1. In a large mixing bowl or stand mixer beat the butter, cream cheese, sugar, and egg until nice and frothy. About 4 minutes.
2. Add the vanilla and almond extract and beat for 1 minute more.
3. In a small bowl combine the flour, baking powder and baking soda. Mix them around so that all ingredients are well incorporated.
4. Add the flour mixture to the butter mixture and beat for about 2 minutes.
5. Press the dough into a large jelly roll (cookie sheet) pan.
6. Bake at 350 degrees for 20 minutes.
7. Let the pan cool completely.
8. Time to make the frosting! In a medium sized bowl (or your stand mixer) combine the butter and cream cheese. Beat for about 2 minutes.
9. Add the powdered sugar, milk, vanilla and food coloring (optional). Mix for 1-2 minutes or until smooth.
10. Frost your pan of cookies. Cut the cookies into bars and serve!



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You Are The...


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 You are the...2you are the....3


It’s a unique way to tell someone that you love them!

It would be perfect to add to your Valentine décor or given to your loved one as a unique gift!

you are the...4you are the..4

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~Jenny and Jess