DIY Mega Bubbles–For all ages!

I have seen these bubbles on other blogs, but for some reason I didn’t REALLY believe they would work that well for me.  If I would have known how easy these were to make, let alone how much fun they were, I would have done them years ago! The picture below was taken with my cell phone the first day we tried them out. Cool, right?

I’ve included the easy directions for you below as well as lots of cool pictures to inspire you.


I ended up making about 8 bubble wands because I knew the neighbor kids would come running when they saw how cool they were. I’m so glad I did, because running they came!


The wands are very simple to make.

What you need:

-2 Dowels

-2 Eye hooks (small enough to screw at the end of the dowels)

-Cotton String

-1 Washer

To Make The Wand:

-Screw the eye hooks to the end of each dowel


-Cut a longer piece of string and tie it to one eye hook, then loop the washer through the string and tie the other end to the other eye hook. Then cut a short of string and tie it to both eye hooks.



To Make The Bubble Solultion:

Mix Together in a tub-

- 6 cups distilled water

-2 cups dishwashing soap (Joy, Dawn etc.)

-3/4 cup light corn syrup


We have made so much bubble solution that it seems to be a different color every time depending on the type of soap we’ve used.

How to make a bubble:

Take your wand with the dowels held close to each other and dunk them in the solution. Lift up the dowels and slowly open up them up while walking (usually backwards) so the bubble starts to form. You can also ‘cut off’ the bubble by bringing the dowels together so it will float.


Then be AMAZED at how big you can get your bubble!


I think my favorite part is how much fun even the older boys think they are.










They even got creative and started putting their head through the bubbles!




Bubble Hunter says…

“Now, go and make these right away. Your kids will thank you.”


You better listen to Bubble Hunter, he’s pretty serious about his bubbles.


Smores Bars (no fire needed)

Believe it or not, I am not a big fan of eating Smores the traditional way. Don’t get me wrong, I love the process of roasting marshmallows by the fire, but that’s about where it stops. I usually have more fun watching the marshmallow turn black, pulling the top part off and doing it again.

It’s silly because I love the combination of chocolate, graham crackers and marshmallows together. What I don’t like is when you make Smores by the fire the chocolate doesn’t ever seem to melt when the marshmallows are put on the hard chocolate bar. It doesn’t seem right to me. It’s just too big of a ‘chunk’ to bite into with the gooey marshmallow.

Last summer I made ‘Smores’ similar to these ones and they were a huge hit. I actually made them on a whole square of a graham cracker (instead of the 1/4 ones I made below). I also put a sucker stick in them for the kids to make it a bit more festive. The adults loved them so much too they told the kids the rest were for the adults! This summer I decided to make them smaller and I think they are the perfect size, especially for kids.

Smores (11 of 16)

What you need:

Graham Crackers


Chocolate Chips (I used semi-sweet)

Smores (1 of 1)

Cut your marshmallows in half. I used a pizza cutter.

Smores (2 of 16)

Break apart square graham crackers into 1/4 pieces. Put them on a microwave safe plate. Place the two halves of the marshmallows onto the 1/4 piece of graham crackers.

Smores (3 of 16)

Put the whole plate into the microwave for 10 to 30 seconds. Enough so that they start to puff up. You really need to watch them so that they don’t melt over.

Smores (4 of 16)

Take them out of the microwave and immediately put on the top half of the graham cracker.

Smores (5 of 16)

Some of them might be a little ‘overflowing’ with marshmallow. You can cut some of sides off if you want to. Let the marshmallow cool a bit so that they stick together.

Smores (7 of 16)

Next, melt your chocolate chips in the microwave at 30 second intervals, stirring in between until the chocolate is melted all the way through. Then take a spoon and drizzle and spread the chocolate with a spoon all over most of the graham cracker.

Smores (8 of 16)

No need to be perfect. They will be eaten up before you know it! Put them on foil until the chocolate is hardened. You can put them in the fridge to speed up the hardening time if you have little ones chomping at the bit to eat them right away.

Smores (9 of 16)

These are really yummy and will most likely not last very long when you make them.

Smores (12 of 16)

But don’t let that stop you. They are so worth it.

Smores (15 of 16)


DIY Bird feeders

The kids had so much fun making these cute DIY bird feeders.

DIY Birdfeeders

I had pinned this idea from Mom Endeavors awhile back. I LOVED her idea and thought they turned out so cute. But, instead of using paint cans like she did, we used tin cans I had saved from soup, canned fruit etc.
We used both small and large cans. 


We spray painted three of the cans.

DIY Birdfeeders (2 of 15)

And used acrylic paint with a paint brush on one of them.

DIY Birdfeeders (3 of 15)

Once they dried we wanted to add some more color to them. Turns out we were having fun with polka dots and ended up putting them on all four cans!

We bought one long skinny dowel and cut it in smaller pieces. Then we attached it with hot glue for the birds to sit on. We attached some ribbon and added some birdseed to the can. Now we are waiting for our little birds to come. My four year old kept going out and checking to see if they had eaten the seed yet!

My ten year old made this one all by herself. Isn’t it cute?

DIY Birdfeeders (12 of 15)

DIY Birdfeeders (9 of 15)

DIY Birdfeeders (5 of 15)

DIY Birdfeeders (7 of 15)

DIY Birdfeeders (10 of 15)

My grandparents are in an assisted living home and they have birds right outside of their window. So, we made one of these feeders to give to them. I think they will love it!

In the meantime, we will be looking for birds to come to our feeder. Once they do I will make sure to take some pictures and add them to this post!


DIY Beach Candle Holder

This is my birthday gift from Jess.

Of course she made it herself. Don’t you love it?

She used the same technique as her spring candle holders from here.

Teacher Gifts (12 of 19)

I believe she found the bottom part from Value Village and then everything else was from the Dollar Store.

Teacher Gifts (14 of 19)

I love how perfectly the rose matches with the shells. I also love how you can glue a few things together to make something super cute!

What will she make next?


Ice Cream Sandwiches with Sprinkles

We made these for the 4th of July and the kids loved them.

It’s funny how you can take something so simple, spruce it up a bit and your kids will think it’s the coolest thing in the world!

Wonder how long that will last?

Ice Cream Sandwhiches With Sprinkles

I’m sure some of you have seen these on Pinterest. I had originally planned to buy the original size ice cream sandwiches, but then I found these ‘100 calorie’ ice cream sandwiches at Albertsons. I got 18 of them for under $4. They were perfect. Especially considering we had so many other desserts.

There really isn’t a lot of directions for this one. Pour some sprinkles on a plate and cover the sides with the sprinkles. I made them all and kept them in the freezer until it was time to eat them.

Ice Cream Sandwhiches With Sprinkles (1 of 5)

I think these would be a fun dessert for a birthday party.

Use colored sprinkles to match your theme.

The kids would love them!

Ice Cream Sandwhiches With Sprinkles (2 of 5)