Valentines Décor (Free Printable sign And Banner)

I decorated for Valentines around the middle of January. I know some may think I’m crazy, but here we are, two days away from Valentines Day and I’m glad I got to enjoy it since it will be over before we know it! I created the printable sign below. I love the saying. I also created the triangles with hearts in them and made a banner. And, because I can’t leave well enough alone, I put glue inside the hearts and added red glitter. Glitter makes everything better.

Valentines Sign Free Printables

I used the same “Love is patient…” printable that I used last year. Click here or on the picture below to download and print.

Valentines Decor Free Printable

I made these crepe paper flowers glued to balls a couple of years ago. You can see above the white part of the balls is showing. I didn’t complete the whole ball. One because it was tedious. And two because it was easier to put them in jars like this. I had planned to put something inside the jar, but then I sort of liked it just as it was.

Valentines Sign Free Printable2

I also finally got around to cutting out pieces of tulle and putting them on Christmas lights. I have been wanting to do this for the past two Christmases, but never had time, so I thought they would be just as cute with Valentines décor. I bought that little box at Joanne Fabric and painted it white and distressed it.


I realize there isn’t much time to decorate, but I say it’s never too late! Scroll down to download these free printables!

For our new readers are some other fun ideas for Valentines Day. Homemade Chocolate Peanut Cups plus free printable tags.

Chocolate Peanutt Butter Cups 

Chocolate Peanutt Butter Cups

Or print one of these four printables.


Or if you somehow missed seeing these bleach pen t-shirts then click here!


Or if you are looking for a fun craft to do with the kids, these yarn wreath hearts are fun!

Yarn Heart Wreath


I created the signs to be printed off on 8.5×11 inch paper, but the box around them is an 8×10 so that you can frame it. If you want to go even fancier, you can cut around the scalloped scroll and add it to something else! Click on the title or the picture to download and print.

Brown- “A Life Without Love Is No Life At All”

Life without love Brown 8.5x11

Black- “A Life Without Love Is No Life At All”

Life without love Black 8.5x11

Triangles for Banner

Heart Banner8.5x11

Happy Valentines Day!


Peanut Butter Brownie Bites


I think there are things in life that are meant to go together…peanut butter and jelly, biscuits and gravy, bacon and eggs, salt and pepper, Batman and Robin, Mario and Luigi, cake and ice cream, Jess and Tyler (that’s the hubby for those who don’t know Mr. Plum Adorable’s real name yet) and of course Peanut Butter and Chocolate!! But wait…Peanut Butter and Double Chocolate Brownies with peanut butter chips and chocolate chips sprinkled on top?!? OF COURSE! DESTINY!!

So when I came across this pin on Pinterest… I knew that I would not be disappointed!




Thank you SO MUCH Baked Perfection for sharing this recipe with the world!!!

Like, Baked Perfection, I also took the easier route and did not make my brownies from scratch and chose to make the mini bite size brownies rather than 12 cupcake size brownies.

Here are the ingredients you will need!



Brownie Mix (whatever additional ingredients the box mix requires)

Peanut Butter

Peanut Butter Chips

Semi Sweet Chocolate Chips

Crisco or Cooking Spray for your Muffin Pan

Prepare the Brownie mix as directed on your box. Make sure to liberally grease your muffin pan! I have made these about 5 times now and twice have had issues with them getting stuck in the pan. (This tends to happen if they are undercooked and under-greased!) If you are making the mini brownies, cook for about 13-15 minutes and remove when a tooth pick inserted comes out slightly wet.  (Erring on the side of a little more done has been better in my experience with them. ) If you are making the full size, I would refer back to Baked Perfection and they’ll refer you back to another site that did the larger brownies!

Once you remove your brownies from the oven, upon cooling the centers are “supposed” to cave in on themselves some creating a small bowl in the center but this has never happened for me in the 5 or 6 times I’ve made them. So while they are still fairly warm, tap the center of each brownie with the end of a spoon to create a crater in the brownie where your peanut butter will sit.

Place peanut butter in a microwave safe bowl, microwave for 45 seconds seconds and then spoon into the middle of each brownie with a teaspoon while brownies are still warm. Add a couple peanut butter and chocolate chips to each brownie top. Cool completely in pan.


ENJOY! They are seriously SO GOOD!!!


my favorite peanut butter balls

These peanut butter balls are the best.

peanut butter balls2

My friend Caryn has been making them for years. Last year she shared how to make these frosted glass bottles.


I don’t know if it’s the Rice Chex Cereal or marshmallow cream that makes these better than other peanut butter balls. I guess it doesn’t matter. They are my favorite and I think you would agree.

Santa's Peanut Butter Balls (4 of 9)

Plus, they are super easy to make.

Santa's Peanut Butter Balls (9 of 9)

Wrap them up in a cute bag and they make great gifts for neighbors or teachers.

Santa's Peanut Butter Balls (6 of 9)

Or just eat them yourself.

Santa's Peanut Butter Balls (8 of 9)


peanut butter balls2

Recipe: Peanut Butter Balls


1 cup peanut butter

7 oz. marshmallow cream

1.5 cups Rice Chex

1.5 cups chocolate chips

4 tsp. shortening


Combine peanut butter and marshmallow cream. Add the Rice Chex.

Roll the mixture into balls. (I like to use my pampered chef scoop)

Melt the chocolate chips and shortening together gradually in the microwave.

Dip balls in chocolate.

Refrigerate the balls until they harden.




Fall Decorations, recipes & Free Printables

The beginning of this school year has been busier than normal for me. I am chairing a fundraiser at my daughters’ school which has taken up all of my extra time. So, while I have a made a few new things for the fall, I thought I would first share some of the things we created last year. We have quite a few new followers. So, for those of you that missed them, here you go. Enjoy…

Fall Decorations, Recipes and Free Printables


Pumpkin Bread & Free Printable Tags

I actually can’t believe I haven’t made pumpkin bread yet this year. I may have to make this today. Yum. We have new 2012 printable tags for you too!



Fall Decoration Ideas & Free Printable



Click here or the images below to download these free printables.



Count Down to Candy



Candy Corn Pudding &I Free Printable Candy Corn Tags



Recycle your tin cans to decorate.



Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Cream Cheese Muffins

Chocolate Chip Pumpkin Cream Cheese Muffins

Burlap Pumpkin Placemats


Frosted Pumpkin Cake



We do love the Fall!

~Jenny & Jess

Smores Bars (no fire needed)

Believe it or not, I am not a big fan of eating Smores the traditional way. Don’t get me wrong, I love the process of roasting marshmallows by the fire, but that’s about where it stops. I usually have more fun watching the marshmallow turn black, pulling the top part off and doing it again.

It’s silly because I love the combination of chocolate, graham crackers and marshmallows together. What I don’t like is when you make Smores by the fire the chocolate doesn’t ever seem to melt when the marshmallows are put on the hard chocolate bar. It doesn’t seem right to me. It’s just too big of a ‘chunk’ to bite into with the gooey marshmallow.

Last summer I made ‘Smores’ similar to these ones and they were a huge hit. I actually made them on a whole square of a graham cracker (instead of the 1/4 ones I made below). I also put a sucker stick in them for the kids to make it a bit more festive. The adults loved them so much too they told the kids the rest were for the adults! This summer I decided to make them smaller and I think they are the perfect size, especially for kids.

Smores (11 of 16)

What you need:

Graham Crackers


Chocolate Chips (I used semi-sweet)

Smores (1 of 1)

Cut your marshmallows in half. I used a pizza cutter.

Smores (2 of 16)

Break apart square graham crackers into 1/4 pieces. Put them on a microwave safe plate. Place the two halves of the marshmallows onto the 1/4 piece of graham crackers.

Smores (3 of 16)

Put the whole plate into the microwave for 10 to 30 seconds. Enough so that they start to puff up. You really need to watch them so that they don’t melt over.

Smores (4 of 16)

Take them out of the microwave and immediately put on the top half of the graham cracker.

Smores (5 of 16)

Some of them might be a little ‘overflowing’ with marshmallow. You can cut some of sides off if you want to. Let the marshmallow cool a bit so that they stick together.

Smores (7 of 16)

Next, melt your chocolate chips in the microwave at 30 second intervals, stirring in between until the chocolate is melted all the way through. Then take a spoon and drizzle and spread the chocolate with a spoon all over most of the graham cracker.

Smores (8 of 16)

No need to be perfect. They will be eaten up before you know it! Put them on foil until the chocolate is hardened. You can put them in the fridge to speed up the hardening time if you have little ones chomping at the bit to eat them right away.

Smores (9 of 16)

These are really yummy and will most likely not last very long when you make them.

Smores (12 of 16)

But don’t let that stop you. They are so worth it.

Smores (15 of 16)


Ice Cream Sandwiches with Sprinkles

We made these for the 4th of July and the kids loved them.

It’s funny how you can take something so simple, spruce it up a bit and your kids will think it’s the coolest thing in the world!

Wonder how long that will last?

Ice Cream Sandwhiches With Sprinkles

I’m sure some of you have seen these on Pinterest. I had originally planned to buy the original size ice cream sandwiches, but then I found these ‘100 calorie’ ice cream sandwiches at Albertsons. I got 18 of them for under $4. They were perfect. Especially considering we had so many other desserts.

There really isn’t a lot of directions for this one. Pour some sprinkles on a plate and cover the sides with the sprinkles. I made them all and kept them in the freezer until it was time to eat them.

Ice Cream Sandwhiches With Sprinkles (1 of 5)

I think these would be a fun dessert for a birthday party.

Use colored sprinkles to match your theme.

The kids would love them!

Ice Cream Sandwhiches With Sprinkles (2 of 5)


4th of july Jello Cookies

These were really easy to make.

They would be a fun addition to your 4th of July party.

Jello Cookies


You don’t have to cut them out as stars, but it makes it more festive.

 4th Of July Jello Star Cookies (1 of 4)

 4th Of July Jello Star Cookies (1 of 1)

Original Recipe From Kraft


What You Need:

3.5 cups flour

1 tsp. Baking Powder

1.5 cups salted butter, softened

1 cup sugar

2 pkg. (3 oz. each) JELL-O Cherry (or strawberry etc.) Flavor Gelatin, divided


1tsp. vanilla

Make It:

HEAT oven to 400°F.

MIX flour and baking powder. Beat butter in large bowl with mixer until creamy. Add sugar and 1 pkg. gelatin; beat until light and fluffy. Blend in egg and vanilla. Gradually beat in flour mixture.

SHAPE dough into 1-inch balls. Place, 2 inches apart, on baking sheets. Flatten with bottom of glass. Sprinkle with remaining dry gelatin mix.


KNEAD the dough and roll it out to cut out shapes. You may need a little bit more flour if you choose to do it this way. 

BAKE 8 to 10 min. or until edges are lightly browned. Cool on baking sheets 3 min. Remove to wire racks; cool completely.

For best results, use the same flavor of JELL-O Gelatin for both the cookie dough and sprinkling on top.


Jello Cookies




Homemade Cookies–A fun way for your kids to make extra Money {Free Printable Tags)

Snickerdoodle One

My daughter really wants to get a Kindle Fire, so we told her to save up her allowance. Being the smart girl that she is, she told us that it would be quite some time before she would have enough money to buy a Kindle. She wanted to know how she could earn extra money. So, we decided to bake cookies and sell them to our friends and family. We actually did this last summer as well when we had a few rainy days and they couldn’t do a lemonade stand. We made these Snickerdoodles from Stephanie’s Kitchen and they are DELICIOUS! Click on the link or the picture below to get the recipe.  (37 of 41)

The day we made this first batch I just happened to be going out with some friends later in the day, so I texted them to see if they wanted to support my daughter in her effort to get a Kindle Fire. Of course they ‘couldn’t say no to a kid trying to earn her keep’ (this is actually exactly what my friend Caryn said :)  We decided to sell a dozen for $3 (although I think I put thirteen in the bags). I’m happy to report that my daughter is well on her way to earning that Kindle!

I made these cute printable tags to add to them. Click here or on the actual image at the end of the post to download and print.

Snickerdoodle three

Now we need to decide whether we make these delicious Snickerdoodles again or move on to a different delicious cookie.

Hey family…we are hittin’ you up next, so what kind of cookie do you want her to make? :)

Snickerdoodle two

Click on the image below to download and print.

cookie tags updated


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St. Patrick’s Day Fun! 15 ideas to do with your kids.

It’s pretty clear that we like to have fun with every holiday and St. Patrick’s Day is no exception. So, whether you are having a party or just looking for ideas to do with your kids, we have some fun ideas for you to celebrate St. Patty’s Day.

Last year I made my girls these shirts. Click here to see this year’s shirts as well as a download for this template. Or click here to see our burlap stenciled pillows to see how to make the shirts below.  

St. Patricks Day Ideas (1 of 3)

For breakfast I made them rainbow waffles and green milk.

St. Patricks Day Ideas (3 of 3)

Then I sent them on a treasure hunt using these cute Shamrocks from The Crafting Chicks. {free printable}


At the end of their treasure hunt they found these simple ‘pots of gold’. I found the glittered baskets at the dollar section at Target. The tags were also from the The Crafting Chicks.

St. Patricks Day Ideas (2 of 3)

I like to change things up a bit and keep the kids on their toes, so this year I thought it would be fun to make them this simple breakfast. This is from Thoughtfully Simple. Free printable as well.

Lucky Charms PrintablesLucky charms

And because my kids love any sort of treasure hunt, I found these cute printables for a treasure hunt from Oopsey Daisy.


And because this just makes me laugh, I may have to add this to the hunt. This is from Differentiated Kindergarten.

green toilet

Here are two ideas to put in your pot of gold at the end of your treasure hunt. The M&M’s idea is from It Is What It Is and the rainbow Twizzlers idea is from Our Best Bites.

potofgoldrainbow licorice

Here are some other fun ideas.

Rainbow pancakes found at I am Baker.

rainbow pancakes 

Rainbow cupcakes also found at Our Best Bites.

rainbow cupcakes


Make green popcorn using Kool-Aid. What? So cool!

This recipe was found on Tasty Kitchen.

green popcorn

This would be fun for a party! I found this on Pinterest and there was no link back to a website. Looks easy enough to make!

rainbow fruit

If you are celebrating, don’t forget to check out our free St. Patricks Day Printables. Click on the images below to take you to the post to download the free printables.

Print on burlap.

St. Patty's Day Ideas (7 of 9)

Print on paper (8×10 and 5×7 printables).

St. Patty's Day Ideas (8 of 9)

Kiss Me Anyway Blocks2



Jenny & Jess

Pumpkin roll

pumpkin roll (9 of 9)
My friend Nichole asked me to design a print for her. In exchange she made me this delicious pumpkin roll. I think it’s obvious from last fall how much I love pumpkin recipes. And who says we can’t eat pumpkin in February? Not me!
She even took pictures so we could share it! Seems easy enough to me. Although I appreciate having one delivered and ready to eat.
Thank you Nichole. Love my friends!

Full recipe is below.

Bake Cake and cool for 15 minutes.

pumpkin roll (1 of 9)

Place cake on clean towel and sprinkle with powdered sugar. Cool 10 minutes longer. From 10-inch side, roll cake up in towel. Set aside.

pumpkin roll (3 of 9)

While cake is cooling in towel, prepare filling.

pumpkin roll (2 of 9)

Unroll cake. Evenly spread filling over cake.
pumpkin roll (5 of 9)
Roll up cake (without the towel).
pumpkin roll (6 of 9)

Wrap in plastic wrap. Cover and chill at least 1 hour.

pumpkin roll (7 of 9)
Slice before serving. Keep leftover slices refrigerated.
The best part is that it freezes well.

So delicious…

pumpkin roll (8 of 9)

Pumpkin Roll
  • 3 Eggs
  • 1 cup Sugar
  • 2/3 cup Pumpkin
  • 1 teaspoon Lemon juice
  • 3/4 cup All-purpose flour
  • 1 teaspoon Baking powder
  • 2 teaspoons Cinnamon
  • 1 teaspoon Ginger
  • 1/2 teaspoon Nutmeg
  • 1/2 teaspoon Salt
  • .
  • Filling:
  • 8 ounces Cream cheese — softened
  • 4 tablespoons Butter — or margarine
  • 1 cup Powdered sugar
  • 1/2 teaspoon Vanilla

In large bowl, combine eggs and sugar, beating with an electric mixer until thick and light yellow in color. Add pumpkin and lemon juice, mixing until blended.

In separate bowl, combine flour, baking powder, spices and salt. Add to egg mixture, mixing well. Spread batter into greased and waxed-paper lined 10-by-15-inch jelly-roll pan.

Bake at 350 ° for 15 minutes. Remove from oven. Cool for 15 minutes. Place cake on clean tea towel sprinkled liberally with powdered sugar. Cool 10 minutes longer. From 10- inch side, roll cake up in towel. Set aside.

While cake is cooling in towel, prepare filling. Beat together cream cheese and butter; stir in powdered sugar and vanilla and blend until smooth.
Unroll cake. Evenly spread filling over cake. Roll up cake (without the towel). Wrap in plastic wrap. Cover and chill at least 1 hour. Slice before serving. Keep leftover slices refrigerated. This pumpkin roll freezes well.