Back To School (P)Inspiration


I know for many of you, the back to school rush is already in full force and your kiddos are now back into the swing of school and have been for a couple of weeks. Here in Western Washington, we start pretty late, (which can be nice BUT it also means our kids are still going to school in mid-June).  The BIG day for us is tomorrow, the 5th! Hard to believe my babies are now going to be a second grader and a Kindergartener!

As I was getting all their supplies ready, their new clothes washed, doing the “school lunch” shopping, I started to think of all the fun things I wanted to make sure that I did for them on their first day. Of course you have the obligatory first day pictures and picking out their outfit for the first day of school!  And I always try to make them something special for breakfast- chocolate chip pancakes are the request and I also want to put something small in their lunches that is a special first day treat. My husband always kind of laughs at me but I think its important to make a big deal out of it for them. Firsts and lasts are always fun to celebrate!

So of course when I was trying to think of some new, fun ideas, the first place I went was Pinterest! And all I had to do was type in “back to school printable” under the search tab and I had a TON of fun ideas at my fingertips! And don’t worry if your kids have already started back to school, a lot of these ideas can be done at any time during the year. Seriously, one of my friends forgot the whole first day picture so about a week later, she had her kids put on their first day outfits and recreated the morning for a photo! (Now you have a funny memory to go along with that photo!) And I really like the idea that I have seen floating around Pinterest where you take a photo on their first day with the sign and then again on the last day of school and put them side by side in an album to see how much they have grown/changed in that one year.

I LOVE LOVE LOVE all the different FREE Printable signs you can find out there for the first day photo!! Here is one of my favorites!  You can find this one on Pinterest or at Nest of Posies.


Or this one, I can’t decide which one I like more! This one comes from I Heart Nap Time!


Here are some SUPER cute printables for the kid’s lunch box from Paper & Pomegranates

Really any type of cute little paper works great for notes in the lunch box! I have some adorable little cards leftover from scrapbooking that I plan on using!

Another thing I plan on using for their first day (and through out the year) are the kid’s mailboxes that I got them for Valentines Day. 

DSC_5681               DSC_5687    

We have kept them up on our mantle and every so often we stick a special note or treat in their boxes for them. My hubby is much better at doing this than me. I always forget about it (even though I stare at the mailboxes on my mantle half the day in my living room!)


Amy from Living Locurto has these awesome printables that would be great to add onto a lunch box or backpack or inside a book! And they are customizable too!! (FOR FREE!)


Free Printable Star Wars Lego Tags


Here is one more FAV of mine for treats in their lunch on the first day!  From ISharePrintables.


There are ALL kinds of great ideas out there on Pinterest and tons of GREAT blogs featured too! I am getting pretty excited for their first day tomorrow, I think they might be too!


Here Comes The Rain AGAIN!


So I seriously want to know how many of you read the title to this post and IMMEDIATELY had the 80’s song running through your head?! You know that 80’s hit, Here Comes The Rain Again by the Eurythmics (lead singer Annie Lennox). NO? JUST ME!? I have this problem, if I hear the title to a song or just a snippet of a lyric, the song is playing in my head ALL DAY LONG! My hubby thinks it is pretty funny to just walk by me and say something like, “everybody was Kung-Fu fighting” because he knows that not 2 seconds later, I will be singing THAT song!!!! Earlier today I was singing the theme song to the Mickey Mouse Club House! (The life of a stay at home mom!)

This weather here in Western Washington, not too far from the city of Seattle is driving me CRAZY!! And yes Milli Vanilli, I DO BLAME IT ON THE RAIN!!! THANK YOU VERY MUCH!! I know, I know… I do choose to live here and this is typical weather for us, but I could just really use a day or 2 or 10 of sun or not even really sun, just not RAIN. I just don’t want to get soaked every time I go from car to house to school to store to car to home! UGGHHH… Good thing I am a fan of pony tails and cute rubber boots! Speaking of which, I thought I would share with you my favorite new accessory for this week (an apparently the next 10 days according to the forecast – RAIN, RAIN, RAIN, RAIN).


These are my boots, Cole’s boots and Kaylee’s boots. For some odd reason, can’t seem to get Mr. Plum Adorable into a pair?!

So all this rain does mean more time indoors. My hubby tells me to just buck up, bundle up and grab an umbrella and go outside anyways (he was born and raised here, I CLEARLY WAS NOT!) so I am still not so keen on that idea. So I have been doing lots of searching on Pinterest for fun indoor activities and found some cool stuff we are going to try this upcoming week! (Especially since early release and Spring Break are coming up soon and I want a back up plan in case we are spending some time indoors.) Check out these cool indoor rainy day activities!

This site, Inner Child Fun, has 10 different Rainy Day Activities to do!

Pinned Image


Check out this Nerf Gun Shooting Range from Busy Kids=Happy Mom!

Pinned Image


This magic paint from Modern Parents, Messy Kids looks super cool, I can’t wait to try it, my little artists will LOVE IT!

Pinned Image


I loved the simplicity of this balloon ping pong, good way to get them moving inside the house!

Pinned Image

Another fun rainy day activity for us is to just put on some music, turn it up LOUD and have a little dance party! My kids used to look at me like I was crazy  when I would try to do this with them but for some reason now they have decided they love it! So for your listening pleasure, here are a few of my favorite RAINY day inspired songs!! (If you are reading our blog via email, the youtube links won’t come through so you’ll have to go to the site to see the videos!)

Singin’ in the Rain


Set Fire to the Rain


It will Rain
She’s my Kind of Rain


Hope ya’ll are staying dry! And finding something fun to do!


Pin’talicious Wednesday LOL


Yep! I did! I just used LOL as my topic for this post! WHY? Because I really do hope to make you Laugh Out Loud and because I couldn’t think of anything really witty to say! (Battling a headache- VERY common for me- I get lots of headaches, and I stayed up WAY too late last night-still trying to debate as to whether I will tell you WHY I was up so late last night! I’ll think about it as I write my post! )

I don’t know about you Adorable folks out there but I really believe that laughter TRULY is one of the BEST medicines! I love to laugh! I love to sit down with my hubby or kiddos and just watch a funny show or movie, or get together with my best girlfriends and talk and laugh until people start looking at us funny, and I love to laugh when I am alone and find a good laughable story or joke!

As you might have guessed my Pinterest inspired pins are ALL about the FUNNY today! I hope these bring a smile to your face, a small chuckle or maybe even a  big old belly laugh! I hope you’ll share them so that someone else can have a little FUNNY in their day too!


Pinned Image

These 2 (top and bottom pictures) are just so clever! I LOVE the top one!! If only my kids were still in onesies- WAIT!! What am I saying??! I’ll get it for someone else’s adorable onesie-wearing kid!


Pinned Image



Pinned Image

Oh, how I remember those days!




Pinned Image

I actually have a copy of this in my kid’s baby books! It is just SO Fitting for a 2 year old!

Pinned Image

This totally made me laugh out loud. So STINKIN’ funny and cute!! (And practical- I bet his chin is super warm! ) hehe!

Pinned Image

I think I should hang this up in my laundry room! Maybe that is the motivation to do laundry!!!



Pinned Image

I think someday my grandchildren will have NO idea that a phone EVER looked like this!



Pinned Image

Easy Being Green, It Is Not!


And this last one is for all my fellow Pinterest Addicts!


Pinned Image


Hope you got at least one laugh out of these! And I was up way too late last night sorting through my daughter’s polly pockets and organizing them (someone just gave us a HUGE amount of them) and watching Never Say Never-yep the Bieber documentary! (Now I know you got a good laugh out of this post!)


Pin’talicious Snow Day and A Winner!

Let me first start my post with some VERY exciting news!! WE GOT SNOW!! SO excited!! (obviously!)

And now for more exciting news (we’ll get back to the snow soon!). We have a winner for the ADORABLE Molly’s Sweet Peas Giveaway! I LOVED these hats, so cute!! And the winner is……

JUDIE GROSS!!  Yay Judy!! Molly posted her info on her Facebook page to so you can email her with your info!

We will have another giveaway coming up on Friday so stay tuned folks!! (We love to do giveaways!)

So did I mention that it FINALLY SNOWED!? We don’t usually get a lot of snow here in Western Washington so it is usually a big deal when we do, you know people can’t drive if it is more than a couple of inches, school is cancelled, sleds and snow shovels that get used once a year are dusted off and used for a day or two all winter!! It is GREAT FUN!

DSC_5495 My kids REALLY LOVE IT!!

This is what my mantle has looked like since I sadly took down all our Christmas décor. I kept wishing and hoping and waiting for it to work it’s magic and “Let it Snow” as my sign says!!


I had to use pictures of the snow from LAST YEAR since there obviously weren’t any from this year, until NOW!!!


And since today is Monday, our day to share our Pinterest inspirations, I HAD to share SNOW related pins! Luckily, I had a few that I was hoping would come in handy!!


Pinned Image

I LOVE this wood sign! I just recently found it so it will have to go into the “to make” board for next year!


Pinned Image

Snow Cream! I keep hearing my Facebook friends say how yummy this is  but I have yet to try it! But, that has more to do with my OCD germy issues than anything else. Still trying to get past that!  They say to get clean snow, but how do I know if it is clean? (See I have issues, working on it!)

If you are looking for some fun things to do in the ‘real’ snow I think your kids would love this from Really Quite Lucky Put food coloring in a spray bottle or some other type of container to draw pictures in the snow!


Or how about a science experiment? Check out how to make these snow bubbles at Science Made Fun.


I also love this idea. Freeze ice cubes that have been colored and then put them around the yard for a fun scavenger hunt. You could even do different colors and have the colors be a certain amount of points! Check out more ideas at Parents.


You all might recognize this one from our blog but I just can’t think about the snow theme without remembering Jenny’s adorable waterless snow globes!

Pinned Image


And lastly, here is a fun idea for those of you that don’t have snow, but would like to pretend! Ten Kids And A Dog shows a fun way to make snow playdoh!


Well folks, since it is snowing where we live I’m going to keep this short, so I can actually go enjoy the snow!! And make my kids hot chocolate when they come inside freezing from their snow adventures!!

Check back in this week, we have a couple of really YUMMY recipes and a giveaway on Friday!!!

And while I am really excited about the snow (did you catch that?!), I also want to take a minute to recognize this day in honor of a great man who fought for equality in our country and share two of my favorite quotes from  Martin Luther King Jr.

“Darkness cannot drive out darkness; only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate; only love can do that.”

”I have a dream that my four little children will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by the color of their skin, but by the content of their character.”



Happy New Year- Pin’Talicious


Happy New Year Plum Adorable Friends!!  It’s a New Year, a new day, praise God for that!   As I was typing that Michael Buble started running through my head….”It’s a new dawn, it’s a new day, it’s a new life for meeeeeee…..and I’m feelin’ good”! And so I had to go find it on ITunes and now you can listen to it here too!  (It is not fair for me to have that running through my head alone!)

Really, praise God for this new year! So excited to see what 2012 has in store for us. 2011 was great! I have to say I was a little sad to see it done and gone, but it is time to move on and look ahead at the great things coming in the new year.

Today’s Pin’talicious post is inspired by my goals for this new year! I try to sit down and really put some deep thought into the things that I would to like accomplish in the new year (you know things that are a little more meaningful or purposeful and realistic than “lose all this baby weight, sure the baby is 5 years old!”, or “cut out all sweets!” Who am I kidding? That would NEVER happen!). So here is my list of SERIOUS things that I want to work on or accomplish in this new year and Pinterest was an awesome help in giving me some inspiration!

I really want to work on being more purposeful in my devotional time! Not just for me, but my kids too! I loved the title of this one because dinner time is one time when we are all together and are spending time talking about our days and the things happening in our lives! (I haven’t read it yet so I can’t highly recommend it or anything!)

Pinned Image


I really really really want to learn to sew! (And yes, this was also last year’s goal too! I had to give it an extension since it was so not happening in 2011!) And WHEN I learn to sew, these are a few of the things that I am so excited to make! (Yes, I do realize I probably won’t be able to jump right in and sew amazingly and I might not even really LIKE sewing once I start but I am bound and determined to try to learn and to try and like it!) SO here is some inspiration for me!


I LOVE aprons like this! The really super cute old fashioned ones are my favorite! I won one at our MOPS auction a couple years ago and it is one of my favorite things! (Except that I am afraid to get it all dirty and greasy and stained so I don’t really wear it when I need an apron! OCD kicking in! SORRY!) AND… if you go to the blog, this was one of her first few sewing attempts! That gives me hope!

I like this apron too!! (It almost looks like a cute summer dress! Which I would wear if I had lost any of that baby weight that was briefly mentioned above!)

Pinned Image



I want to make the dress below for my little Kaylee -girl to wear on the 4th, SO CUTE!

Pinned Image


And I really like the simple touches that you can add with sewing! I would sew all kinds of paper crafts!  Bunting, scrapbook pages, cards, envelopes, paper ornaments, you name it!

Pinned ImagePinned Image

So once I learn to sew, I think I would really like to move on to learning to make Jewelry! I really want to learn to do the stamping! (Jenny and I both really want to do that!) I love the J for Jess and Jenny but the one on the bottom is my FAVORITE! I want one! And I really want to learn to make them!

Pinned Image


Pinned Image


I also have learned that one of my greatest shortcomings as a mom/wife is my meal planning. I am horrible at this! I LOATHE having to figure out dinner each night and it doesn’t help that one of my other favorite hobbies is eating out! (True story!) So this year I really want to focus on having meals planned in advance to make shopping easier and make my life feel less hectic! If any of you out there have a fail safe plan you use, feel free to contact me and share it! Our evenings are VERY busy (Martial Arts, Awana’s , etc so I do need crockpot meals or make ahead meals too!) I did find this cute meal planner calendar on Pinterest! (But perhaps my problem is that it need not be CUTE but functional and helpful! Which this one might be but I simply pinned it for it “CUTENESS!”)


Pinned Image


And my next (possibly last, we’ll see what else hits me this week!) goal for this year is to become intentional and purposeful about working out again! (Remember, the baby weight?!) I wish I were a runner. My husband REALLY wishes this because he IS a runner and does 3-5 miles every morning. It would be so GREAT to lace up my shoes and hit the ground running with him but I HATE RUNNING!!  HATE IT! We have been together 13 years and I think he has given up ALL hope of me ever exercising with him. When we walk together, he still kills me. And there is NO WAY on God’s green earth that he will be joining me at Zumba any day soon! Zumba is my favorite exercise of all time but I CAN NOT find a class that is close to us that will fit our schedule so I have to find alternate exercise for now!  If you haven’t tried Zumba, you better! It is SO FUN!!! Check out this video, looks like the best time ever right?! I am really wanting to start the whole Couch Potato to 5K thing (in hopes that it will transform my rear and me into a runner!) so that is a goal for this year! Feel free to challenge me on this! (Or not! LOL!)


So now you know, my New Year’s Goals for 2012- learn to sew, learn to stamp Jewelry, be more intentional with family devotions, meal planning and (gulp) excersize!

What about you?! What do you hope to accomplish in the new Year?

It’s a new dawn, it’s a new day, it’s a new life!!! (Now Buble is back in your head again huh!?)


Pin’talicious Monday-ugly (festive) christmas sweaters & fun family christmas photos

We had our annual ugly Christmas sweater contest at church yesterday. Actually we’ve started calling it the ‘ugly/festive’ Christmas sweater contest. You know, so we don’t offend those that actually wear them. On purpose. 

Our pastor also showed us some pretty funny family photos as well. And because the last couple of weeks have been a little hectic for me, and probably for most of you, I thought I would continue on with the theme of ‘festive’ sweaters and fun family photos. I think we could all use a good laugh right about now.

Originally I had seen a few of these on Pinterest, but then I noticed that a lot of them had been coming from the site Awkward Family Photos. And because my hubby and I were laughing so hard I thought I would share quite a few with you.

Let’s start with the Christmas sweaters.

Here’s a pretty one.

When you take off the sweater you can wear the sock on your foot?

big reindeer sweater 

Sing the title below to the Tommy Boy tune from here

‘Big sweater with a little head.’

Good to know the color is super on red.

BIG sweater



Big santa belly


I think the next two are definitely festive.

Yes, that is a goat that she is holding.

festive couple

excited couple


Here we have ‘cool guy’. The pants complete the outfit.

cool guy


Let’s look at a few single portraits.

Well, mostly single.

Unless you have another shot of yourself inside your head. 

clarinet kid


Or your favorite doll to the side of your head.

girl and doll


Or. Actually I don’t know what to say about this one.

Is that the same man or two or three different men?

lots of men


I think she is still using that pencil to this day.

big pencil


Here are some fun family pictures.

He must have been trying to escape the studio.

hanging on tight


And it looks like these kids will never escape.

prison outfits


Um. I’m not sure what is worse. The jeans? Lying on top of each other?  Or lying on top of each other in a public park? You decide.

jean family


Is that bacon?

bacon shirts


This little girl wished the three boys above were her brothers.

licking ear


It’s a good thing that little girl didn’t look behind her.

I don’t think she would be smiling anymore.

grandma times two


I guess there wasn’t enough room on the couch?

sit on couch or not


There definitely was not enough room on this couch.

You need to look hard for this one. :)

sitting on relative


So Romantic.

This one is for my friend Caryn. Remember the last picture from here?

At least it’s not just you Caryn!

doggie no no


This one made me laugh mainly because that could very easily be one of my children.

girl crying on ground


Let’s end with a few more Christmas pictures.

The girl in the front is in the Christmas spirit wouldn’t ya say? 

people christmas tree


You can’t blame him. They probably told him to just keep smiling.

kid falling over


So, does someone spend timing making all of these for one picture?



My how the times have changed.

big phones


There. That’s better.
Love the ‘text’ on this card.

texting family


I hope you all have a calm and relaxed week before Christmas.

Sort of like this guy. So casual.

long legs


Hey guys! This is Jess, totally highjacking Jenny’s blog post! When she told me about today’s post and that she found a lot of her pictures on Awkward Family Photos, I HAD to add something. I actually have a friend whose family is featured on Awkward Family Photos! Her name is Sarah and this picture just cracks me up! SO for your viewing pleasure, here is my friend Sarah’s awkward family photo!

Pin’talicious Monday- Christmas and Burlap


You would think that the Pinterest addiction would have worn off by now right?! Wellll…..not so much! The problem is that there are always so many new and fun ideas cropping up on Pinterest!

And this week, our Pin’talicous inspiration is all about Christmas and all about burlap! Why? Because there are so many stinkin’ cute ideas out there with burlap! And Burlap is easy to work with and usually pretty cheap!

This first burlap inspiration started it all for me! I fell in L O V E with this tree skirt!! And did I mention it is NO SEW??!!!! Holla! For us non-sewers out there, it is music to our ears! I just love how rustic yet gorgeous those colors are!



And this stocking, makes me want to learn to sew. Because let’s face it, I am pretty sure this one is NOT going to be a NO SEW!

Pinned Image



I kind of have a thing for little Christmas trees. Ask Jenny, she can tell you! And this one made me want to run out for some burlap and get to crafting! It is just so simple and sweet!



And you need a beautiful wreath for your door since it is Christmas after all! (Don’t ask where my wreath is, the hubby’s motorcycle is in the way and I haven’t been able to get it out!) Ummmmm… it has rosettes too!! Be still my heart!!!!



You just might recognize these beautiful burlap creations!! One of my absolute FAVORITE from this Christmas ( I have a red “Let It Snow” one on my couch now!) I was so excited when I came across this on Pinterest on someone’s page who I didn’t even know!  Look familiar??!!!



I also found this adorable Burlap Advent Calendar! So cute!! I think I might have to have sewing skills for this one too! (Maybe Jenny’s cute sister Emily can sew for me!)



And my last FAVORITE find this week that I MUST share actually isn’t burlap but it felt inspired by the tree skirt so I HAD to include it because it is going on my Christmas list FOR SURE!!!

Isn’t that gorgeous!!!!??? And do you see why the tree skirt reminded me of it? Sigh……maybe I could find one on Etsy?! (fingers totally crossed!)

So what are you inspired by  lately? Find anything cute in Burlap??


Pin’talicious Advent calendars & Free Printable

I love all of the ideas for advent calendars on Pinterest and share some of my favorites below, but did you know that the first day of Advent was actually yesterday?


November, 27th NOT December 1st

I think when most people think of Advent they tend to think of the cardboard box calendars that start December 1st. They have little chocolate candies in them and go through December 25th. I’ll admit, I bought them for my kids too. It’s a tradition.

But the actual word Advent means “coming” or “arrival.” The purpose of the entire season should be about the celebration of the birth of Jesus and his First Advent (coming), and the anticipation of the return of Jesus in his Second Advent (coming).

So, before I go on to the cute crafty advent calendars, I wanted to share with you this free download Countdown to Christmas from Thriving Family.On the website there is a box that says, ‘Don’t miss out! Download our free advent calendar.’ Click on it to download.

The calendar offers daily scripture readings, parent-child activities and links to JellyTelly video clips, stories, crafts, Christmas carols, recipes, Adventures in Odyssey audio dramas and more! We actually subscribe to the magazine and they had the tear out calendar in book form. So if you get the magazine go tear it out!

My kids and I started it last night and it looks like it will be the perfect addition to all of our other advent calendars. The difference is that this one teaches them the TRUE reason we celebrate!

Advent focus on the family

On to my favorite advent calendars.

I’ve decided to make these cute ‘Christmas Trees’ by Pink Suede Shoe. My daughter Abby is really excited to help me this year. You could either put candy or cute little notes inside them (using my free printables below). Pink Suede Shoe has a tutorial on how to make these cute ‘trees’. I love tutorials.

Advent Cones

I can’t find the website for the calendar I made last year, but this is a similar idea by All Things Simple. Print little cards and have each one list something you can do together each day.

She doesn’t have a printable version, but lucky for you that is what my free printable is! Scroll to the bottom to view and download.

I will be using most of the cards I created to put inside my cute trees above!

christmas notes

This is also cute from Twig and Thistle.

Magnetic Advent Calendar.

Twig and Thistle does have a free printable you can download.

advent jars

And this is just darn cute from Sunday In Bed.


If you would like to download my advent calendar ideas click on the pictures below. They are sized for 8.5 x 11 inch paper. There are four pages to download. The last page I have left mostly blank spaces for you to add your own ideas.

*Side note: Last year we had to talk to our kids about how things can change depending on the day. So, while I try to put things like ‘looking at Christmas lights’ on a day where I know we would be able to do that, we also told our kids that because there is so much going on in the month of December they will need to be flexible. We tried to make them understand that if something comes up there may be a chance that we would have to wait a day or two to make it up!

Advent Ideas 1

Advent Ideas 2

Advent Ideas 3

Advent Ideas 4



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Pin’talicious Thanksgiving!


Happy Thanksgiving week!!

SO excited for Thanksgiving this Thursday! I am excited to be with family and spend a few days with my hubby and kids doing nothing but relaxing and EATING! I would be lying if I said I wasn’t extremely excited about the eating part. My mom makes these sweet potatoes that are so GOOD but I only eat them at Thanksgiving because I am pretty sure that the recipe calls for 1 lb. of butter! And I eat them on my turkey. Not with my turkey but seriously on top of it! So good! It is the perfect sweet and salty mix. (Jenny- make sure Robert reads that!!!) (He does NOT get the sweet and salty mix!)  YUMMMMM……

And you can’t forget the pies!! I can totally pass on the stuffing (so gross) and cranberry sauce (so gross!) but I get really excited for the rest!

When I was first going to do my pin’talicous post today, I was excited to show you all the Christmas stuff I have been making (especially for the fair we are doing in a couple of weeks) but then I realized that we CAN NOT start showing you Christmas stuff until AFTER Thanksgiving. At least I can’t. I know Jenny already showed you her beautiful pillows! But I have this problem… I can’t celebrate another holiday until AFTER the other one is finished. SO next week, there will be Christmas stuff coming your way like crazy but for now I will share with you the things that are making me happy on Pinterest, all in the spirit of Thanksgiving!!



Pinned Image


How pretty and simple would this be to make? LOVE it!!  (Click on the picture for other ideas too! )

Pinned Image


I printed one of these for my mantle, you can see it here! But she has a great selection of others you can print too! I had the HARDEST time choosing which one!

Pinned Image



I can NOT wait to try this Pumpkin Crumb Cake recipe! My FAVORITE muffins EVER are sold at Costco for about a month in the fall and they are  Pumpkin Crumb!

Pinned Image

And Jessica over at How Sweet It Is has 101 Thanksgiving Recipes linked up on her blog!! This picture below is one of them!!

 Pinned Image


And just because it is Thanksgiving week and I LOVE to laugh, (it is so good for the soul), I found this clip of one of my all time favorite shows and one of their all time funniest clips (at least in my humble opinion!) Enjoy!!  And Happy Thanksgiving Y’all!!

Friends Thanksgiving


Pin’ talicious Thanksgiving Games & Pin the wattle (you know, the red thing that hangs down) on the turkey printable


We always have a big Thanksgiving dinner at our house. I think it is a favorite Holiday for most of my family members. My husband and daughters started a tradition years ago where they make a special dessert together (it’s important for you to know it’s probably the only dessert he makes all year, which makes it even more special!)

Since Thanksgiving is usually at our house I like to come up with fun games for us to play after we eat dinner and can barely move. Usually they are quizzes or some sort of ‘not moving’ type of game. I found some fun ideas on Pinterest that I think I may do this year. (Family members skip to the bottom so you don’t ruin my fun ;)

I took the turkey from the printable we posted the other day and made it into a ‘Pin the wattle on the Turkey’ game. I thought the kids (and adults) would have fun playing it while they are waiting for the feast to be finished!

I’ve attached the printable at the bottom of this post for you to print out and use as well!

Thanksgiving Games On Pinterest

This Roll a Turkey game from A Lemon Squeezy Home looks fun!

(and you know what’s funny? My turkey looks almost like this one! I drew my turkey last year and have never even seen this one until now…ha!)

roll a turkey


My kids always love these coloring sheets. From Reading With Kids.

turkey color 


Here is the quiz we did last year from One Charming Party.

turkey trivia


And my pin the wattle on the turkey.

I’ve sized them in two sizes, 8×10 and 11×14. I put both sizes of the wattle on the same sheet. If you want to get fancy, you could laminate them first! Click on the images below to download them.

8 x 10 Turkey

Pin the Wattle 8x10


11 x 14 Turkey

Pin the Wattle 11x14


Wattles for both turkeys.


Turkey Wattles

 I have yet to print out my turkey to show you what it looks like, but you all know where the wattle goes right?

If not click here to see our other printable ‘with’ the wattle on the turkey!



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