‘Orange You Glad’ Gift Idea (Free Printable Tags)

Oh Hello!

It’s been awhile. We know.

Let’s pretend we haven’t been absent for almost 7 months. Ok? Good.

I’ve seen these cute ‘Orange You Glad’ gifts on Pinterest and decided they would make a fun back to school gift for my kids’ teachers. We made this basket below and added some fun ‘orange’ items. Obviously we are past ‘back to school’. So, I not only made a couple of tags for teachers, but I also made them so that they could be given to friends, co-workers and birthday gifts as well! Scroll to the bottom to print out the free printable tags.

organge you glad picture

Here is a cute one from My Pookie Designs.

Orange-you-glad-gift Pookie Designs

I had pinned this idea from Coley’s Corner awhile back which is where I got the idea for the orange tags. I love the cup filled with orange things.

coleys corner orange you glad

I love this simple gift idea because it can be one ‘orange’ item or many ‘orange’ items.

Click HERE or on the image below to download and print these free tags.



Orange you glad


organge you glad picture


Now, ORANGE you glad we came back?


(and Jess…she’s here too…really!)

To Our Creative, Talented and Compassionate Readers, Would You Be willing to Donate Your Handmade or Business Items To This Family’s Silent Auction?

On December 7, 2012, our neighbors received a phone call that is every parent’s nightmare. Their 27 year old son, Timmothy, was in a tragic car accident. As you can imagine, the weeks that followed have been extremely difficult. But, in the midst of this tragedy, there have also been many miracles.

Timmothy has a long recovery ahead of him. Please take a minute to watch the video below. The amount of injuries that Timmothy suffered is overwhelming, but more importantly this video shows what an inspiration he has been to everyone around him. Thankfully, he is expected to fully recover, but his medical expenses are immense and continue to rise. On April 13, 2013, there will be a silent auction to help with these rising expenses.

Here is where you can help!

We know how many creative and talented readers we have out there. We realize that many of you don’t know this family, but if you were in The Lang’s situation, you would be beyond appreciative for the support!

The silent auction will have a variety of things donated. There will be some big items as well as some themed baskets with lots of smaller items. If you feel led to donate something from your business

please contact me here.

I will email you the address of where to send your donations. Click on the donation form below to download and print.

If you are able and feel led to help with a monetary donation, please click below. 


You can also follow his Facebook page Love For Timmothy

The Lang Family appreciates your support!

Crash Survivor, Timmothy Lang


Click on either image below to download and print the donation form.




You are the best!

Thank you,


Valentines Décor (Free Printable sign And Banner)

I decorated for Valentines around the middle of January. I know some may think I’m crazy, but here we are, two days away from Valentines Day and I’m glad I got to enjoy it since it will be over before we know it! I created the printable sign below. I love the saying. I also created the triangles with hearts in them and made a banner. And, because I can’t leave well enough alone, I put glue inside the hearts and added red glitter. Glitter makes everything better.

Valentines Sign Free Printables

I used the same “Love is patient…” printable that I used last year. Click here or on the picture below to download and print.

Valentines Decor Free Printable

I made these crepe paper flowers glued to balls a couple of years ago. You can see above the white part of the balls is showing. I didn’t complete the whole ball. One because it was tedious. And two because it was easier to put them in jars like this. I had planned to put something inside the jar, but then I sort of liked it just as it was.

Valentines Sign Free Printable2

I also finally got around to cutting out pieces of tulle and putting them on Christmas lights. I have been wanting to do this for the past two Christmases, but never had time, so I thought they would be just as cute with Valentines décor. I bought that little box at Joanne Fabric and painted it white and distressed it.


I realize there isn’t much time to decorate, but I say it’s never too late! Scroll down to download these free printables!

For our new readers are some other fun ideas for Valentines Day. Homemade Chocolate Peanut Cups plus free printable tags.

Chocolate Peanutt Butter Cups 

Chocolate Peanutt Butter Cups

Or print one of these four printables.


Or if you somehow missed seeing these bleach pen t-shirts then click here!


Or if you are looking for a fun craft to do with the kids, these yarn wreath hearts are fun!

Yarn Heart Wreath


I created the signs to be printed off on 8.5×11 inch paper, but the box around them is an 8×10 so that you can frame it. If you want to go even fancier, you can cut around the scalloped scroll and add it to something else! Click on the title or the picture to download and print.

Brown- “A Life Without Love Is No Life At All”

Life without love Brown 8.5x11

Black- “A Life Without Love Is No Life At All”

Life without love Black 8.5x11

Triangles for Banner

Heart Banner8.5x11

Happy Valentines Day!


Create your own inspiration Boards

One of my favorite blogs is I Heart Nap Time. Jamielyn has just launched a very fun and creative site called The Inspiration Board.


This site allows you to create personal inspiration boards.  You can choose the size of the board you want and then dress it up to make it your own unique board. She plans to add more ‘goodies’ in the future.

Below is the board I created. My inspiration is my sister’s wedding. She plans to have it in a barn. It is going to be so much fun!

Starting tomorrow, Monday, February 11th, you can vote for your favorite board. Create a board yourself and link it up and/or vote for your favorite!  If you happen to like my board of course I’d love your vote. Click here and vote for #107!

A Rustic Affair

I think you will love this new site! You can create as many boards as you’d like and save them to come back to later.

Have fun and let us know if you create a board!

~Jenny (AKA #107)

last minute gift ideas with free printable tags

Thank you to one of our readers, we were made aware that ‘the’ was spelled wrong in the ‘Scent of Christmas’ tags.  This has now been updated and fixed. Unfortunately, the pictures with the tags will still show it spelled the wrong way.  Thank you, Kelly, for pointing it out to us!

I’m sure you have been just as busy as we have with the holidays fast approaching. Jess and I have some fun ideas to share with you, but finding the time to blog it is a different story. I am going to share with you a few last minute gift ideas that I have done this year.

Last Minute Christmas Gift Ideas


Glitter Ornaments

The first idea are these DIY glitter ornaments.

Christmas Gift Ideas (5 of 15)

By now, I’m sure everyone has seen these ornaments I made last year.

DIY Glitter-Ornaments

This year, I put the glitter on the outside. It can be a bit more messy, but I think they turned out cute. The kids had fun making them too.

What you need:

- Clear Ornament

- The negative part of stickers or cut out contact paper using your Silhouette or Cricut.

- Glue (I used Martha Stewart roll on glue, but I also made them with the Pledge Floor Cleaner like last years ornaments.)

- Glitter

-  ‘Fake Snow’ for inside the ornament.

Christmas Gift Ideas (1 of 15)

Put your shape onto your ornament. Put some glue or floor cleaner on the area where you want the glitter. Pour glitter onto it and shake it off. Peel of  ‘sticker’ and you will have a glittery shape. I added some fake snow inside the clear ornament to give it more of a wintery effect. Below is a picture of the ‘sticker’ before adding glue and glitter.

Christmas Gift Ideas (2 of 15)

Christmas Gift Ideas (3 of 15)

Christmas Gift Ideas (4 of 15)


Soup in a Jar with Free Printable

The second idea is soup in a jar.

Christmas Gift Ideas (6 of 15)

I’m sure you have seen lots of ‘soup in a jar’ ideas. This is just another one. But, everyone likes soup right? And when it is all prepared for you, it’s even better! I am going to direct you to the blog that I got the recipe from for the directions… Ma What’s For Dinner

I liked this one because you add crushed tomatoes, which just makes it even yummier (I know Jess would disagree, but that is ok).

I also bought a soup mug from the dollar store and added an initial in vinyl onto the mug. Sort of like I did here.  Of course these mugs would also make great gifts.


I created these printable tags for you to add to your soup in a jar.

Christmas Gift Ideas (7 of 15)

Click on the image below to download and print.

soup in a jar printable


Scent of Christmas Bags and Christmas Tiered Platter With Printable Tags

*Update-At the time I made these platters I did not realize that it says on the bottom ‘for decorative use only’. So, these may not be safe for food.  Sorry!

This last one is my favorite. I don’t know if it’s the tiered platter or the ‘Scent of Christmas’ bags that I like most!

Christmas Gift Ideas (13 of 15)

Christmas Gift Ideas (12 of 15)

Remember the tiered platters I made last summer here?


When I saw the blue, silver and red Christmas platters at Target for only $1.99, I knew I had to make some more platters. I still used the glass candlesticks from Walmart, but I only used one on these. I also couldn’t find a bowl to match the blue, so I bought a clear bowl and I love it!

Christmas Gift Ideas (10 of 15)

I saw these ‘Scent of Christmas’ Bags on I heart Naptime. I thought they were so cute and think they will make great neighbor gifts. Basically you are putting in oranges, cinnamon sticks, cloves and cranberries. The tags tell you how to ‘cook’ it on the stove to get the scent of Christmas in your house.

To get the recipe click here. Landee See Landee Do actually created these bags with free tags. But, there were a lot of people having problems downloading the tags. So, I created some for you.

Christmas Gift Ideas (8 of 15)

Click HERE or on the image below to download and print the UPDATED VERSION OF THIS TAG!

For best results, print on quality 8.5 x 11 inch white paper. 

The scent of Christmas


Aren’t these so cute inside the tiered platter? I do believe they are.

Christmas Gift Ideas (15 of 15)

Hope these ideas help some of you looking for last minute gifts.

Merry Christmas~




Our “Buddy” Elves

 Well Folks, it’s that time of year again! The most Wonderful time of the year!  Time to decorate the tree, put up the Christmas lights, sip on some hot cocoa, hope and pray for a snow day or two and celebrate the reason for the season!! Also a time when I can FINALLY listen to my Justin Bieber Christmas Cd without judgment!!??  (Well, not sure that will EVER happen!) Jenny is interrupting this post to say that I love the Bieber Christmas CD too! Little Drummer Boy. Love it.  

And guess what?! Our Elf friend, Buddy is back!!! (You can read all about Buddy in this post here and here.)  And even better, he now has a blogging buddy Elf friend!

Jenny’s family welcomed their own Elf on the Shelf this year! And you’ll never guess what they named him?! BUDDY!! We do lead parallel lives after all! OF COURSE, we would name our elves the same thing! OR perhaps, our families both just REALLY love the movie ELF!

Here is a picture of how Jenny’s Buddy arrived! There was a  letter from Santa explaining that his elves can be a bit naughty. He told her kiddos that because they know Jesus, they may need to give him a little grace, just like Jesus does for them!

Originally our Buddy would have arrived on Thanksgiving, that is our tradition, but when we realized how early Thanksgiving was and how much more creative that meant we had to be, we decided to wait until December 1st!

For our Buddy’s first morning, he arrived with a jar full of sugar, kisses, magic sprinkles  and special directions!







SO after planting their kisses in the sugar, adding the magical sprinkles, the kids woke up to this!


 Meanwhile, Jenny’s Buddy was up to a WHOLE lot of FUN at their house!!! In true Buddy the Elf, style!!

‘We elves try to stick to the four main food groups: candy, candy canes, candy corns and syrup!’

This morning we found our Buddy reading the story of Jesus’ birth to a few of the kid’s toy friends- the Ninjago and Rapunzel seem to be really into it!!!




His buddy, Buddy, was having a good ole’ time getting into Jenny’s craft supplies and making a Christmas Chain!

We’ll continue you to keep you updated on all of our Elves’ shenanigans! Well…that is when we remember to actually make them happen!! The first two nights I was scrambling out of bed at midnight and then again at 11 because I forgot to take care of our little Elf friend!!

Especially for my friend Dawn, it’s not easy being an overachieving Elf on the Shelf Mommy!!


The best way to spread christmas cheer…{Free Printable}

The Best Way To Spread Christmas Cheer Printable (16 of 17)

Buddy the Elf said it best. It’s one of our favorite movies. Every year we decorate the house the weekend after Thanksgiving and then settle in to watch ‘Elf’. It’s funny. EVERY. TIME. I thought this print would be fun to add to our decorations this year. And lucky for you I designed an 8×10 and 11×14 for you to print as well (It will not be scalloped like above).

Click on the images below to download and print. The watermark will not appear on the actual print.


Christmas Cheer Green 8x10-2



The Best Way To Spread Christmas Cheer Free Printable 11x14-2

The Best Way To Spread Christmas Cheer Printable (11 of 17)

Now go sing!


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Our etsy shop {personalized prints and wood signs}

Today we’d like to share with you some of the products we sell in our Etsy Shop.

Last February we sold these signs on Groopdealz. We sold quite a few of them and since then we’ve had lots of requests from our readers to make more. So, today we are happy to announce that we have finally created a limited amount. Click here or on the image below to purchase this sign for only $22.00. 

Wood Signs For Etsy (3 of 3)

We also have other distressed hand painted wood signs as well. Click on any image below to visit our Etsy Shop.

Personalized wood signs for teachers. 5.25 x 5 inches.

Apple Sign (1 of 2)Apple Sign (2 of 2)

7 x 16 inch ‘JOY’ wood signs.

Green Joy      Red Joy   

5.75 x 8 inch wood ‘JOY’ signs.

Wood Signs For Etsy (3 of 18)       Wood Signs For Etsy (6 of 18)      Wood Signs For Etsy (4 of 18)

5.75 x 8 inch ‘love’ and ‘Count Your Blessings’ wood signs.

Wood Signs For Etsy (12 of 18)          Wood Signs For Etsy (2 of 18)

8 x 8.5 inch ‘love’ sign.

Wood Signs For Etsy (10 of 18)

We also sell personalized prints.




We will be back soon with more DIY gift ideas!

~Jenny & Jess

Pumpkin Playdough {free Printable Leaf tags}

I pinned this cute idea from Blue Bird Lucy’s.  I thought they would be fun for my son’s preschool class. A kid can only get so much candy right?

pumpkin playdough

I used this NO COOK RECIPE from The Imagination Tree for the playdough. It turned out so good and I love that you don’t have to cook it!

You need:

  • 2 cups plain flour (all purpose)
  • 2 tablespoons vegetable oil
  • 1/2 cup salt
  • 2 tablespoons cream of tartar
  • up to 2 cups boiling water
  • food coloring (optional)
  • few drops glycerine (optional- adds more shine!)


  • Mix the flour, salt, cream of tartar and oil in a large mixing bowl
  • Add the boiling water
  • Stir continuously until it becomes a sticky, combined dough
  • Add the food colouring and glycerine (both optional)
  • Allow it to cool down then take it out of the bowl and knead it vigorously for a couple of minutes until all of the stickiness has gone. * This is the most important part of the process, so keep at it until it’s the perfect consistency!*
  • (If it remains a little sticky then add a touch more flour until just right)

*This recipe made enough for 7 pumpkin balls.


I created these leaf tags to add to your pumpkins. Click here or on the image below to download and print. For best results print on a premium matte paper on an ink jet printer.

Pumpkin Playdough Leaf Tags 

Wrap up the ‘pumpkins’ in some clear wrap, add some ribbon and the leaf tags. Then draw a face with a sharpie marker. 

pumpkin playdough

My son is excited to hand them out to his friends. These were so simple to make. You still have time to make some too!


Linking up with Whipperberry

Winding Path Gardens & Pumpkin Patch

This post is for our local readers, so I apologize in advance to those of you that don’t live here. I wish all of you could experience this charming little place. We have some friends that recently turned their beautiful land into a wedding and event facility, but during the fall it is an adorable pumpkin patch.

Winding Path Pumpkin Patch (1 of 45)

You can click on any of the images in this post or check out their website here; Winding Path Gardens. They are located on Hwy 9 in Arlington. I didn’t have the right lens on my camera to zoom out, so the pictures don’t really do it justice. But, believe me Winding Path Gardens is extremely cozy and they have done a beautiful job on the entire facility. The owner, Bob is an amazing landscaper, so the grounds are beautiful. There is a path that leads to a gazebo for weddings and lots of room for tables and/or dancing. Of course right now it is set up for the pumpkin patch. Which is why you locals should go this weekend!

Winding Path Pumpkin Patch (4 of 45)


Winding Path Pumpkin Patch (2 of 45)


My kids had a blast jumping in the bouncy house, playing in the corn kernels and of course eating muffins and popcorn. The popcorn is addicting. So good. It was a very relaxing atmosphere and my kids could have stayed all day. It was beautiful outside last weekend, but when it does rain and get colder they have heat lamps to keep you warm and cozy.

Winding Path Gardens One


There are lots of places that are set up for photos. Very important for us moms.

Winding Path Pumpkin Patch (14 of 45)


There is a really cool playground with tunnels to climb through and a big tractor to climb on. They also have farm animals. My favorite were the pigs named Piggly and Wiggly. So cute. The face painting was also a big hit for my kids.

Winding Path Gardens Three


And of course the pumpkin patch! The kids walked around forever looking for the perfect pumpkin. The pumpkins were almost all so perfect and it took awhile for them to decide. Once you get your pumpkin they have some friends that have their horse there for the kids to ride.

Winding Path Gardens Two


If you are looking for a different pumpkin patch this year I would suggest checking out Winding Path Gardens. You can also check them out on Facebook. Their hours are: 10:30 AM to 5:00 PM Fri, Sat & Sun. If you are looking for a facility to get married at in the future, I would recommend checking them out soon. I have a feeling they will start filling up fast!

Winding Path Pumpkin Patch (24 of 45)

But, for now go to their patch. Your kids will leave with a happy face.

Like this little guy.