St. patrick’s Day Bleach Pen t-shirt {2 free Svg’s}

Patty's Bleach Pen

Since our ‘love’ bleach pen t-shirts were such a big hit, I thought it would be fun to make an ‘svg’ for St. Patty’s Day. Below are two ‘svg’s for you to choose from. ‘Lucky Me Lucky You.’ and ‘Pinch Proof’. Scroll to the very bottom to download each one.

St. Patty's SVG's

I basically made these shirts the same way that I did here. Only this time I added some paint and glitter to the shamrock. Update: I originally saw this last year on Skip To My Lou. I could not for the life of me remember where I had found the idea for ‘pinch proof’ t-shirts when I posted this, but I saw it on Pinterest today. I had created my own svg with different font and my own shamrocks, but it is very similar and credit needs to be given where credit is due! So, thank you Skip To My Lou!

1. Cut out your ‘svg’ on contact paper and stick it on your shirt where you’d like it to be. Place a piece of cardboard under your shirt where the words will be. Then take your bleach pen and ‘color in’ the negative part of the saying. Let sit for anywhere from 5-30 minutes. It will depend on the fabric. It should be long enough that you can see it has started to bleach through. Also check after a few minutes to make sure the bleach made it on all the open areas. When ready, run under cold water to get off all bleach. Carefully peel off the contact paper.

St. Patty's Bleach Pen Shirt (1 of 4)

2. At this point you can wash it and leave it as is or you can add some fabric paint and glitter onto the shamrock.

 St. Patty's Bleach Pen Shirt (2 of 4)

I mixed together Americana’s Foliage Green and Martha Stewart’s ‘Artichoke’ to make the color green I wanted. I added some ‘Textile Medium’ since I will be washing the shirts. Follow the directions on the bottle. Basically it’s two parts medium to one part paint.

St. Patty's Bleach Pen Shirt (4 of 4)

3. Place your shamrock on your shirt where you want it. Paint inside the shamrock. If you’d like to add glitter then sprinkle a little bit of ‘glamour dust’ right on top of the wet paint. Let it dry for a bit then shake off the excess glitter and peel off the contact paper. If you add the glitter I recommend letting it dry overnight before you wash the shirt.

We did this same technique with the paint and glitter when we made these cute burlap pillows during Christmas.


If you wanted to skip the bleach pen you could make the shirt using just paint and glitter. I actually made ‘Pinch Proof’ t-shirts this way last year. I can’t believe I don’t have a better pic than this, but this pic was pre-blog. The kids were in the middle of a scavenger hunt a leprechuan left them, so I was not focused on taking pics of the their shirts. I think you can sort of get the idea from below.


I also made an 8×10 printable with this same saying that I will be posting for you in the next couple of days.

Lucky You!

Click on either image below to download the svg files.

SVG Lucky Me Lucky You


SVG pinch proof


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