‘Orange You Glad’ Gift Idea (Free Printable Tags)

Oh Hello!

It’s been awhile. We know.

Let’s pretend we haven’t been absent for almost 7 months. Ok? Good.

I’ve seen these cute ‘Orange You Glad’ gifts on Pinterest and decided they would make a fun back to school gift for my kids’ teachers. We made this basket below and added some fun ‘orange’ items. Obviously we are past ‘back to school’. So, I not only made a couple of tags for teachers, but I also made them so that they could be given to friends, co-workers and birthday gifts as well! Scroll to the bottom to print out the free printable tags.

organge you glad picture

Here is a cute one from My Pookie Designs.

Orange-you-glad-gift Pookie Designs

I had pinned this idea from Coley’s Corner awhile back which is where I got the idea for the orange tags. I love the cup filled with orange things.

coleys corner orange you glad

I love this simple gift idea because it can be one ‘orange’ item or many ‘orange’ items.

Click HERE or on the image below to download and print these free tags.



Orange you glad


organge you glad picture


Now, ORANGE you glad we came back?


(and Jess…she’s here too…really!)

Blessing Bags & FRee printable

I think most of us feel that twinge of guilt when we drive by someone on the street holding a sign out for food or money. Well, for me it’s compassion until I drive by without giving them anything, then it’s guilt. I am well aware of the people that do it for a living and that can be frustrating. Especially when you see that same person buying a flat screen TV the next day (true story). But, does this mean we should never give to anyone again because there are some that are not honest? I’ve always had a hard time with people that think this way. Who are we to judge others circumstances?  I think it’s important that our children learn to give even if it’s not easy or fair.  

Our kids are very blessed. We are doing our best to instill in them the importance of serving others. A few years ago we used to wrap up socks and mittens and keep them in our car to give out when we saw somebody in need. This summer our kids brought home a bag from VBS that had water and a granola bar to keep in our car. We gave them out and my oldest has been asking to make up more bags, so we decided to do both food and socks this time. We also added a note with a poem we really like.

 Blessing Bags (1 of 1)

In our bags we put:

Cup of Noodles (They can find hot water at gas stations or grocery stores)

Juice Box

Applesauce (with a spoon)

Granola Bar

We also added a napkin and some socks.

This Free Printable

Blessing Bags (2 of 2)


This is a horrible picture below. I took it with my phone to show you the note I designed to put in the bags if you choose. Also, I realized I put Matthew 19:25 instead of 19:26. I printed this set before I realized it! So, yes, I know the picture below shows the wrong verse…I’m sorry ;)


I love this saying about a pumpkin and being made new. I thought it was the perfect reminder to put in these bags.  As Christians we believe there is hope in the Lord and He is able to make us all new. The pumpkin goes along with the season as well. I asked my daughter which verse she thought we should add to the note and she chose Matthew 19:26. It couldn’t have fit with the poem any more perfectly.

To download this print click on the image below.

Pumpkin - God Making You New

I also wanted to share this video with you. We had planned to prepare the bags after church on Sunday and during the service our Pastor played this video below. I kept thinking, I wish we could put this video in the blessing bag somehow. I just want everyone to know they too can be free!

Hopefully everyone can see this video. If not click here to watch it.



Fall Decorations, recipes & Free Printables

The beginning of this school year has been busier than normal for me. I am chairing a fundraiser at my daughters’ school which has taken up all of my extra time. So, while I have a made a few new things for the fall, I thought I would first share some of the things we created last year. We have quite a few new followers. So, for those of you that missed them, here you go. Enjoy…

Fall Decorations, Recipes and Free Printables


Pumpkin Bread & Free Printable Tags

I actually can’t believe I haven’t made pumpkin bread yet this year. I may have to make this today. Yum. We have new 2012 printable tags for you too!



Fall Decoration Ideas & Free Printable



Click here or the images below to download these free printables.



Count Down to Candy



Candy Corn Pudding &I Free Printable Candy Corn Tags



Recycle your tin cans to decorate.



Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Cream Cheese Muffins

Chocolate Chip Pumpkin Cream Cheese Muffins

Burlap Pumpkin Placemats


Frosted Pumpkin Cake



We do love the Fall!

~Jenny & Jess

Flower Pot Card Holder

A good friend of mine had surgery last week. She loves flowers, so I bought her a flower pot. I planned to drop it off on her porch, but I wanted to add a card and was hoping it could be ‘attached’ somehow.

Flower Pot Card Holder 


I decided to use one of the printables that I created here. I tried to think of what could hold my card. I walked into my craft room (or as my husband would say-‘his office’…mmmhhhmmm…) and the clothespins were just calling my name.

Flower Pot Gift Holder (3 of 4)


You could just use a clothespin to attach a card, but because I can’t leave ‘well enough’ alone, I decided to spruce it up a bit. If you have everything on hand, it really only take about two minutes. I painted one swipe of paint on the clothespin and while still wet added some glitter and let dry! 

Flower Pot Gift Holder (4 of 4)


Isn’t it cute and simple? These would make great gifts for teacher’s too!

Flower Pot Gift Holder (2 of 4)

I love it!


Flower Pot Card Holder

Father’s Day Gift Ideas

We’ve gathered a few fun Father’s Day Gift ideas for you.

It will be here before you know it, (June 17th) so these ideas should help!

Father's Day Gift Ideas


I’ve always loved these ‘All About’ pages. The Crafting Chicks created one for both Dad and Grandpa!



Below are some prints from our Etsy shop.

Send us your favorite photo and we will upload it into the print and personalize it for you. 

An 8×10 is only $15 and a 5×7 is only $10.

Father's Day Prints2


Make It and Love It made these cute ties with fabric, but they could easily be made with paper as well. You could fill them with candy, stuff for the grill or maybe a gift card in the midst of his favorite things.



I love this basket full of goodies from Delightful Order. She also has free printables to go along with it.

Father's Day Basket


You have probably seen this done already, but it’s a fun idea for dad or grandpa. This was one of our Father’s Day gifts to my husband last year. Purchase wood letters from the craft store, spray paint them any color you’d like and take pictures of your cute kids holding the letters!



I found this beautiful picture from Art and Design studio on Etsy. They also have other pictures that you can personalize.

baseball Etsy


This would make a fun gift that you could have the kids help you do. Creative Maven (via Tip Junkie) gives you instructions on how to make rubs for the grill. She also has free printables to attach to the containers.



If you have never created anything over at Paper Coterie you must check out their cute stuff! I love their Coilbound Collection. I’m thinking about getting the ‘All About My Dad’ book for my kids to make for my husband. And right now if you use the code DADSDAY you can get 60% off your  order! Sweet!



Of course if my husband had it his way he would be opening up a card with one of these in it. Sorry hon, as much as I’d love to be able to do that for you, it’s just not gonna happen. ;)



Ten teacher gift Ideas

10 teacher gift ideas

There are a lot of lucky children on the East Coast that have already started their summer vacation, but for those of us that live in the Northwest, we will be in school until almost the end of June! So, while a lot of you have given your teacher gifts already, this post is for those of us that are just now thinking about the end of the school year.

This cute ‘Thanks A Latte’ card from eighteen25 is perfect for the coffee loving teachers.

thanks a latte


I love this grill gift idea from Mom On Time Out. The men would love this one…and probably some women too!

grill gift


Our teacher tree printable would make a great add on to any gift. You can print it for free here or personalize it by purchasing it here.

Teacher Appreciaion Gift Framed


I actually made similar bags last year like these ones below. They were a hit with the teachers. Check out The 36th Avenue to see how to make them.

36th Teacher7

If you are crafty, this would make a fun addition to any teacher’s desk. How Does She gives you step by step instructions on how easy it is to make.

paper and pen holder

This bag makes me smile. Of course it’s from Martha Stewart, so that’s ‘It’s a good thing’!

red teacher bag

How about some cash for that favorite teacher of yours? The Crafting Chicks say this was a huge hit with the teachers!


Tatertots & Jello created this cute printable tag. I love the wording on these tags!


What teacher wouldn’t love this tote full of beach stuff? Skip To My Lou has some great ideas to fill a bag like the one below.

teacher appreciation beach bag

Or make it a bit more simple and just wrap up a new beach towel and a magazine. Go to The Rachel Berry Blog to see how she made these cute gifts.

towel teacher

I’m adding one more (which makes it 11 gifts) but I thought I would remind you of the tiered platter I posted last week. I think it would make a great gift as well. Fill it with some goodies and it would be even better! Click here to see how to make it.

DIY Tiered Platters 

I hope this list helps to give you some ideas. We should all be thanking our teachers for everything they do for our children! Thank you Mrs. C & Mrs. V! 


10 teacher gift ideas

Coconut Oil Hair Moisture Treatment {FRee printable Instructions}

Have you heard all the rage about coconut oil lately? I actually gave these as gifts earlier this year and since then I’ve discovered many other benefits from using it. This really is the perfect little gift. 

Let’s first start with the hair treatment. This would make a fun Mother’s Day, Teacher or Birthday gift for someone that has long hair and could use some good natural moisturizing.

Coconut Oil Hair Treatment

I originally saw this hair treatment on How Does She. I suggest going to their site if you want to see the instructions complete with pictures. Or you could print out the printable instructions I’ve created for you here.

How Does She also gave a tip about how to get a $10 off Coupon from Vitacost. I practically got that bottle below for free!

Coconut Treatment & DIY Pallettes (1 of 1)

What you need to make coconut oil jars for gifts:

Coconut Oil (practically free if you use this coupon)

Glass Jars (I got mine at Walmart for under $2 each)

Ribbon (Dollar Store)

Our Free Printable Instructions

Shower caps (optional)

My daughters and I have done this moisture treatment on our hair.  We look pretty silly with our hair all oiled up and shower caps on our heads. My husband and son just look at us like we are crazy. I guess they will never understand the things we do to look good just for them! Our hair was nice and shiny and so worth it in the end!


Here are a few more interesting things you can use coconut oil for:

-Eat a spoonful when you need an energy boost.

-Add a spoonful to your dog or cat’s food. Coconut oil is great for our furry friends!

-Use coconut oil instead of shaving cream. (Oh, Father’s Day gift?…ha!, just what all men want right?)

-Apply to bee stings or bug bites to soothe and heal the wound.

-If you’re prone to nosebleeds, coat the inside of your nostrils with coconut oil regularly.

-Take coconut oil to help reduce or eliminate migraines.

-Got gum stuck in your hair? Try using coconut oil to remove without cutting your hair.

-Use coconut oil instead of WD-40.

Click here to see all 52 uses for coconut oil from Delicious Obsessions. Read through the comments and find EVEN MORE uses! So cool!


Coconut Oil


Below are the instructions on how to moisturize your hair. I designed this printable based off the instructions from How Does She.  Scroll to the bottom to download and print.

Coconut Oil Hair Treatment2


Click on the image below to download and print. It is sized to print on 8.5 x 11 inch paper. If you are attaching them to jars to give as gifts, we recommend that you print on a quality matte paper on an ink jet printer.

coconut oil printables


A Simple Gift Idea {Painted Mason Jars & Fabric Flower Tutorials Plus Free printable cards}

Uh…was the title long enough for you?

Normally I wouldn’t do two tutorials in one post, but because Teacher Appreciation is next week and Mother’s Day is the week after that, I wanted to share a simple gift idea that I think either one would love. Plus, I’m going to bet you will end up making some for yourself as well.

Mason Jar Flowers

Painted Mason Jar & Bottle Tutorial

I realize there are a lot of blogs that have posted about how to paint glass jars, but because I think I finally found my favorite ‘mixture’ I thought I’d share it with you.

What you will need:

- Clean Jar (Mason or other clear jar: spaghetti sauce jars, soda bottles etc.) (Always save your clear jars and bottles. You just never know when you might want to break one out and make a craft with them.)

- Gloss-Lustre Mod Podge

- Paint Brush

- Food Coloring

- Water

Teacher Appreciation Mason Jars and Flowers (2 of 44)Teacher Appreciation Mason Jars and Flowers (3 of 44)

Mix together:

1 tsp. of Mod Podge

3-4 drops of food coloring (or more if you want it darker)

1.5 tsp. of water

This is where you can have fun and experiment with colors. If you want the aqua/turquoise look, try two drops of blue and 1 drop of green.  One ‘mixture’ can actually be used on four to six jars depending on the size.

Teacher Appreciation Mason Jars and Flowers (4 of 44)

Next, paint the glue mixture onto your jar. It will look something like this below. Don’t worry…it won’t stay like that. I took this picture when there were still some bubbles on it. I tried to paint most of the bubbles off so that it was smooth. Also, I made these jars (the blue ones) a little lighter than I have in the past, so your ‘paint’ may look different than mine.

Teacher Appreciation Mason Jars and Flowers (5 of 44)

Let It Dry:

Either let it dry on it’s own upside down over night, or (here’s the cool part) put it on a plate upside down place it in the microwave for 30 seconds. You will see your results almost immediately.

I didn’t take any pictures of just the jars because it was late at night and I got straight to work on embellishing them, sorry.  

I love the purple one. It goes perfectly with the tulips my hubby and daughter ‘surprise’ planted me years ago. Tulips always remind me of my friend Kristen who was one of my bridesmaids. She’s always loved them. And I love how little things like tulips bring back memories of friends.

Teacher Appreciation Mason Jars and Flowers (19 of 44)

Ok, so once you have painted your jars set them aside. If you’d like to add some fabric flowers to them then keep reading. If you’d just like to add a card, then scroll to the bottom to download and print.

Fabric Flower Tutorial

(No Sewing = equals = A Good Thing)

I’m going to show you how to make fabric flowers that can be used on a variety of things. I realize there are lots of fabric flower tutorials out there as well, but these are very simple to make, yet look so elegant.

Fabric Flower Tutorial

What you will need:

Silky synthetic fabric (chiffon, taffeta etc.)

A tea light candle or a lighter.

Glue Gun

Card stock (for circle templates)


Felt circles

Embellishments: tulle, pearls, feathers, beads, buttons,

Optional for hair: headbands, clips, bobby pins


How To Make Your Flower:

1. First cut out a template of 5 to 7 circles on card stock paper. I like my smallest circle to be 1 inch. Then I make each additional circle a 1/2 inch bigger than the next. (ex. 1in., 1.5in., 2in., 2.5in. etc…)

2. Depending on how big you want your flower use your template to trace and cut out your circles. If you use a dark marker, make sure you cut inside your marker line so that it doesn’t show on the fabric. I usually make dots around the circle just to give me a visual of where to cut. When you cut out your circles don’t worry about them being perfect. I also like to cut the same size circle two or even three times especially when I am doing smaller flowers. Since your circles are not perfect they will just add to the layering effect.

Teacher Appreciation Mason Jars and Flowers (7 of 44)Teacher Appreciation Mason Jars and Flowers (9 of 44)


3. Next, take each fabric circle and put it close enough to the flame so that it starts to curl slightly. Turn your circle around until all edges are curled to your liking. I suggest that you do a couple of practice ones first. Also, for safety, it’s best to do it over the kitchen sink with the water running.


Are you wondering how I held the flower, lighter & took the picture?   Yah, that’s not me. That’s my ‘hand model’ and friend Andrea. Thanks Girlfriend!

4. Once you have curled your edges they should look something like this. I ‘barely’ curled the edges for these flowers.

5. Next, start with the smallest circle and put a dot of hot glue onto the bottom/middle of it. Then layer it inside the next biggest circle. Now take those two circles and add another dot of glue and layer it into the next circle. Continue until they are all glued together.

Teacher Appreciation Mason Jars and Flowers (10 of 44) 

If you want to add tulle in the middle of a couple of the circles like I did with the one below, just add it to your layering steps. You can embellish your flowers with pearls, beads or whatever else your little heart desires.

Teacher Appreciation Mason Jars and Flowers (41 of 44)

I like to attach alligator clips if they are going to be worn in your hair mostly because they are easier for my girls to put in their hair. You could also attach them to a flat back bobby pin or a headband. If you do this it’s best to cut out two identical felt circles. Glue one felt circle to the flower and then glue it onto the top of the headband. Take the second felt circle and glue it so that overlaps the the underside of the headband and attaches to the felt one you glued on the flower so that it holds it in place.

    Teacher Appreciation Mason Jars and Flowers (12 of 44)Teacher Appreciation Mason Jars and Flowers (11 of 44)

Ok, let’s finally bring the two tutorials together and make our gift!

There are a couple of ways to attach your flowers. If you want to put it on a bobby pin so that it can hold a card I think it’s best to attach a piece of felt to both the glass and the bobby pin flower. Sorry these aren’t the greatest pictures. I was working late at night when the kiddos were sleeping. But basically it seems to stick better when the felts are glued to each other.

        Teacher Appreciation Mason Jars and Flowers (16 of 44)Teacher Appreciation Mason Jars and Flowers (17 of 44)

Teacher Appreciation Mason Jars and Flowers (29 of 44)

Or just add the felt to the back of the flower and glue directly onto the jar.

Teacher Appreciation Mason Jars and Flowers (1 of 2)

If you want to skip the flower then simply add some ribbon, flowers and print one of our cards below.

Teacher Appreciation Mason Jars and Flowers (21 of 44)

I’ve designed these cards so that you could easily attach a gift card if you’d like. Or if you’d rather skip the gift card then just cut it down the middle and use only the printed side.

Teacher Appreciation Mason Jars and Flowers (44 of 44)

I’ve separated the cards into four categories.  Scroll down to download and print cards for Teachers, Mother’s Day, Birthdays and Thinking of You.

*I also added a fifth category as well. You can print plain ‘Thank You’ cards as well they just aren’t in the grouped picture below. Free Printable Gift Cards

Click on the images below to download and print. We recommend that you print on a quality matte paper using an ink jet printer. Each print below is sized to print on an 8.5 x 11 inch piece of paper.


Teacher Gift Card Flowers

Mother’s Day

Happy Mother's Day Gift Card Flowers


Happy Birthday Gift Card Flowers

Thinking, Praying & Get Well

Thinking of you Gift Card Flowers

Thank You

Thank You Card Free Printable

I’d love to hear if you make one or both of these projects.

They really are simple and oh so cute! 


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Tip Junkie handmade projects


Homemade Cookies–A fun way for your kids to make extra Money {Free Printable Tags)

Snickerdoodle One

My daughter really wants to get a Kindle Fire, so we told her to save up her allowance. Being the smart girl that she is, she told us that it would be quite some time before she would have enough money to buy a Kindle. She wanted to know how she could earn extra money. So, we decided to bake cookies and sell them to our friends and family. We actually did this last summer as well when we had a few rainy days and they couldn’t do a lemonade stand. We made these Snickerdoodles from Stephanie’s Kitchen and they are DELICIOUS! Click on the link or the picture below to get the recipe. 

PlumAdorable.com  (37 of 41)

The day we made this first batch I just happened to be going out with some friends later in the day, so I texted them to see if they wanted to support my daughter in her effort to get a Kindle Fire. Of course they ‘couldn’t say no to a kid trying to earn her keep’ (this is actually exactly what my friend Caryn said :)  We decided to sell a dozen for $3 (although I think I put thirteen in the bags). I’m happy to report that my daughter is well on her way to earning that Kindle!

I made these cute printable tags to add to them. Click here or on the actual image at the end of the post to download and print.

Snickerdoodle three

Now we need to decide whether we make these delicious Snickerdoodles again or move on to a different delicious cookie.

Hey family…we are hittin’ you up next, so what kind of cookie do you want her to make? :)

Snickerdoodle two

Click on the image below to download and print.

cookie tags updated


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Striped Frame using matte & Gloss paint {Free Scallop Outline Printable & SVG’s}

I have so many plans for these cute little frames.

I saw a similar tutorial for this striped frame at The Crafting Chicks.

Love their blog!

Striped Frame2

I used the same technique they did, but with different materials.

1. I found this frame at Hobby Lobby for only $2.99. With a 40% off coupon it’s only $1.79! (The size is approximately 8.25 x 11 inches) I hand painted it with a gray acrylic paint. But, you could also spray paint it, just make sure that you use a ‘matte’ spray paint. 

Striped Frame (4 of 15) 

2. Once it was painted I put Frog Tape on the frame to make stripes. {The Crafting Chicks were promoting their new Scotch Blue Edge Lock tape. It sounds like it works great, but because I had Frog Tape on hand, I used that instead.} I probably should have started a stripe in the middle as a guide, but it ended up looking great in the end. Spray a clear gloss paint all over the frame. 

Striped Frame (7 of 15)

3. Once it’s completely dry remove the tape to see the contrast. 

Striped Frame3

I love it!


I thought it would be fun to have the picture match the scallop look of the frame. (I realize this is not a true scallop shape, but let’s call it that for fun because I don’t know what to call it…m’kay.)

I have a program where I create all of my graphics which makes it easy for me to insert my photo into the scallop frame I designed. . But, I realize most of you are not able to do this, so I made it easy for you to cut out your pictures to match the scallop frame above.

Click on the image below to download and print out on 8.5 x 11 inch paper. I have sized these scallops to be slightly smaller than 4×6 & 5×7 inch pictures so that they will fit on top of your picture. Once you print the image below, cut out the scallop outline, lay it on your picture, trace it, then cut it out to create a scallop shape of your own picture.

For all of you SVG fans out there, I have also created free SVG files of these scallops. Scroll to the bottom to download.

Scallop Frames jpeg

Because there is no glass covering on this frame, I recommend that you first spray your picture with a UV-Resistant Coating to protect it. I then attached my picture with a Staples Glue Tape Runner.

So, I originally thought I would make this as a gift for someone’s birthday coming up, but I love it so much that I think I might do a wall full with different colors. I have it on a stand right now, but because I will eventually be adding brackets to the back, I thought I would share with you my little trick to putting on brackets. Does anyone else get frustrated putting those darn things on? Usually I am having to use small nails so that it doesn’t pierce through the other side of the wood which makes it more difficult. Hopefully this tip will help you in the future if you ever have to add a bracket.

Bracket Tutorial


Since Jess featured her family photographer yesterday, and I just happen to be using my pictures today, I have to give a little plug to our family photographer. Arlene and I have known each other since before we had our babies. A few years ago she started her own photography business. In a nutshell, she is amazing. I have so many beautiful pictures (like the one below) yet to hang on my wall. Visit her website at arlenechambers.com or click on the image below. Beware, you will get sucked in looking at all of her amazing photos…like I just did for the past 15 minutes. Seriously.



Striped Frame

Click on either image below to download the free SVG file.


Scallop Frames4x6jpeg SVG

Scallop Frames5x7 jpegSVG

Striped Frame (9 of 15)

If you make a frame, I’d love to see it!


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