‘Orange You Glad’ Gift Idea (Free Printable Tags)

Oh Hello!

It’s been awhile. We know.

Let’s pretend we haven’t been absent for almost 7 months. Ok? Good.

I’ve seen these cute ‘Orange You Glad’ gifts on Pinterest and decided they would make a fun back to school gift for my kids’ teachers. We made this basket below and added some fun ‘orange’ items. Obviously we are past ‘back to school’. So, I not only made a couple of tags for teachers, but I also made them so that they could be given to friends, co-workers and birthday gifts as well! Scroll to the bottom to print out the free printable tags.

organge you glad picture

Here is a cute one from My Pookie Designs.

Orange-you-glad-gift Pookie Designs

I had pinned this idea from Coley’s Corner awhile back which is where I got the idea for the orange tags. I love the cup filled with orange things.

coleys corner orange you glad

I love this simple gift idea because it can be one ‘orange’ item or many ‘orange’ items.

Click HERE or on the image below to download and print these free tags.



Orange you glad


organge you glad picture


Now, ORANGE you glad we came back?


(and Jess…she’s here too…really!)

last minute gift ideas with free printable tags

Thank you to one of our readers, we were made aware that ‘the’ was spelled wrong in the ‘Scent of Christmas’ tags.  This has now been updated and fixed. Unfortunately, the pictures with the tags will still show it spelled the wrong way.  Thank you, Kelly, for pointing it out to us!

I’m sure you have been just as busy as we have with the holidays fast approaching. Jess and I have some fun ideas to share with you, but finding the time to blog it is a different story. I am going to share with you a few last minute gift ideas that I have done this year.

Last Minute Christmas Gift Ideas


Glitter Ornaments

The first idea are these DIY glitter ornaments.

Christmas Gift Ideas (5 of 15)

By now, I’m sure everyone has seen these ornaments I made last year.

DIY Glitter-Ornaments

This year, I put the glitter on the outside. It can be a bit more messy, but I think they turned out cute. The kids had fun making them too.

What you need:

- Clear Ornament

- The negative part of stickers or cut out contact paper using your Silhouette or Cricut.

- Glue (I used Martha Stewart roll on glue, but I also made them with the Pledge Floor Cleaner like last years ornaments.)

- Glitter

-  ‘Fake Snow’ for inside the ornament.

Christmas Gift Ideas (1 of 15)

Put your shape onto your ornament. Put some glue or floor cleaner on the area where you want the glitter. Pour glitter onto it and shake it off. Peel of  ‘sticker’ and you will have a glittery shape. I added some fake snow inside the clear ornament to give it more of a wintery effect. Below is a picture of the ‘sticker’ before adding glue and glitter.

Christmas Gift Ideas (2 of 15)

Christmas Gift Ideas (3 of 15)

Christmas Gift Ideas (4 of 15)


Soup in a Jar with Free Printable

The second idea is soup in a jar.

Christmas Gift Ideas (6 of 15)

I’m sure you have seen lots of ‘soup in a jar’ ideas. This is just another one. But, everyone likes soup right? And when it is all prepared for you, it’s even better! I am going to direct you to the blog that I got the recipe from for the directions… Ma What’s For Dinner

I liked this one because you add crushed tomatoes, which just makes it even yummier (I know Jess would disagree, but that is ok).

I also bought a soup mug from the dollar store and added an initial in vinyl onto the mug. Sort of like I did here.  Of course these mugs would also make great gifts.


I created these printable tags for you to add to your soup in a jar.

Christmas Gift Ideas (7 of 15)

Click on the image below to download and print.

soup in a jar printable


Scent of Christmas Bags and Christmas Tiered Platter With Printable Tags

*Update-At the time I made these platters I did not realize that it says on the bottom ‘for decorative use only’. So, these may not be safe for food.  Sorry!

This last one is my favorite. I don’t know if it’s the tiered platter or the ‘Scent of Christmas’ bags that I like most!

Christmas Gift Ideas (13 of 15)

Christmas Gift Ideas (12 of 15)

Remember the tiered platters I made last summer here?


When I saw the blue, silver and red Christmas platters at Target for only $1.99, I knew I had to make some more platters. I still used the glass candlesticks from Walmart, but I only used one on these. I also couldn’t find a bowl to match the blue, so I bought a clear bowl and I love it!

Christmas Gift Ideas (10 of 15)

I saw these ‘Scent of Christmas’ Bags on I heart Naptime. I thought they were so cute and think they will make great neighbor gifts. Basically you are putting in oranges, cinnamon sticks, cloves and cranberries. The tags tell you how to ‘cook’ it on the stove to get the scent of Christmas in your house.

To get the recipe click here. Landee See Landee Do actually created these bags with free tags. But, there were a lot of people having problems downloading the tags. So, I created some for you.

Christmas Gift Ideas (8 of 15)

Click HERE or on the image below to download and print the UPDATED VERSION OF THIS TAG!

For best results, print on quality 8.5 x 11 inch white paper. 

The scent of Christmas


Aren’t these so cute inside the tiered platter? I do believe they are.

Christmas Gift Ideas (15 of 15)

Hope these ideas help some of you looking for last minute gifts.

Merry Christmas~




The best way to spread christmas cheer…{Free Printable}

The Best Way To Spread Christmas Cheer Printable (16 of 17)

Buddy the Elf said it best. It’s one of our favorite movies. Every year we decorate the house the weekend after Thanksgiving and then settle in to watch ‘Elf’. It’s funny. EVERY. TIME. I thought this print would be fun to add to our decorations this year. And lucky for you I designed an 8×10 and 11×14 for you to print as well (It will not be scalloped like above).

Click on the images below to download and print. The watermark will not appear on the actual print.


Christmas Cheer Green 8x10-2



The Best Way To Spread Christmas Cheer Free Printable 11x14-2

The Best Way To Spread Christmas Cheer Printable (11 of 17)

Now go sing!


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pamper yourself gift jars {free printable tags}

Are some of you having a hard time seeing all of the Christmas ideas floating around? Especially when we haven’t even gotten through Thanksgiving yet? Jess’ husband is one of ‘those’ people that struggles with this. Which makes it so much fun for me to present to you another CHRISTMAS gift idea.

Pampered Jar & Free Printable Tags2

These Pampering Jars would also make great gifts for teachers, neighbors etc. One of the reasons I want to share this idea with you now is because to get the most bang for your buck you need to start purchasing items right away. I actually purchased the jars this summer knowing I would be making these. I got 12 jars for $7.00. Over the last few weeks I have been using my coupons for other things like the shower gel and nail polish. Here is where I got everything and approximately how much they were…

Ball Jars – On sale at Ace Hardware – 12 for $7.00

Hand Sanitizer – Dollar Tree – 3 for (take a guess?)

Nail Polish – Joanne Fabric – 7 for $7.00 (with coupon)

Shower Gel – Joanne Fabric – 7 for $6.30 (with coupon)

Washcloths – Target – 8 for $5.00

Lip Balm – Dollar Tree – 2 for (you guessed it!)

The Almond Roca tin in the picture isn’t the same one that I originally had. I bought a huge tin at Costco for, I believe, $9.99. I’m not sure how many come in the tin because somebody (totally NOT me) ate quite a few of them before I was able to make the jars. So, let’s just estimate them at .10 each.

Pampered Jar & Free Printable Tags 

I was able to make 7 jars and each jar came to a total of $4.50 each. Not too shabby. You could get creative and add other things like lotion or foot scrub and cozy socks. There are lots of ideas.

Pamper Yourself Jars and Free Printable (6 of 6)


Add one of our free printable tags to complete your gift!

Click here or on the image below to download the free printable tags.

pamper yourself


Pampered Jar & Free Printable Tags2

Jess’ husband may not be happy I am posting about Christmas gifts, but I know he appreciates a good deal. Be proud buddy!

I’ll be back soon with another CHRISTMAS gift idea!


We ‘wash’ you a merry christmas gift idea {free printable tags}

I will spare you the details of just how busy Jess and I have been the past few weeks! I guess the beauty of a blog is that when you need to take time away to be with your family and other responsibilities it is always there waiting for you when you are ready to come back.

Today I am sharing one of my favorite gifts for neighbors, teachers or anyone that you want to give a gift to because you like them, but don’t want to spend a lot of money. I like to get Bath and Body Works soaps. Their soaps always go on sale, so once they do then stock up. They usually have them on sale on Black Friday. Of course, you can use any soap you’d like.

We Wash You A Merry Christmas Printable Tags

I can’t remember where I first saw the quote ‘We WASH’ you a Merry Christmas’. I’ve been using it for a couple of years now and I finally decided to make my own printable tags to go with them. I like to put ribbons and tags on four or five soaps and set them off to the side. There is always a last minute gift that seems to pop up and this allows me to grab it and go. Everyone likes soap right?

We Wash You a Merry Christmas Printable (3 of 5)We Wash You a Merry Christmas Printable (4 of 5)


I created the printables below for your personal use. Click here or on the image below to download and print.wash you a merry christmas

We Wash You A Merry Christmas Printable Tags

We will be back soon with more gift ideas.


Chocolate Covered Pretzels and A Free Printable!


So you all know that Jenny and I are both just a teeny, tiny, itsy bitsy bit addicted to Pinterest and maybe a teeny tiny bit addicted to crafting and creating right? Well Pinterest was a life saver for me this Christmas! I was trying to figure out something homemade that I could do for all the people that we want to spread some Christmas joy and appreciation to and I could NOT come up with anything original this year!

Here is what I did last year: Hershey’s Nuggets (chocolate candy) wrapped in scrapbook paper and stuffed into pretzel bags with cute tags. They were fun, easy, cheap and I thought they were pretty cute. (I totally stole the idea from my great friend, Char, that is what we did BP- Before Pinterest!) 


I had NO idea what to do this year! And we have  A LOT of people we like to give a tiny blessing to- Teachers, Sunday school teachers, Awanas teachers, Tae Kwan Do Teachers, church office volunteers, etc…. you get the picture, A LOT of people who pour into our family on a regular basis that I would just like to thank and give a small gift to without going broke!

Luckily, this year I had been storing up some ideas on Pinterest and quickly was able to find my inspiration!!!

Pinned Image

Chocolate covered pretzels!! SO pretty, so easy to find the ingredients for, so cheap, and who are we kidding?! SO YUMMY! (Unless you are my husband, who can’t STAND pretzels or Jenny’s husband who doesn’t get the whole sweet/salty mix, he wants you to pick a side- sort of like either Team Edward or Team Jacob! (What?! I have NO idea who those people are! Winking smile )

So back to my GREAT gift idea…. and truly they did turn out SO great! They were just as easy as I thought they would be, and really cute too. So I thought I would share my steps with you so you can try your hand at these bad boys!

Here are ALL the ingredients you’ll need:

Pretzel Rods

Bakers Chocolate to melt (semi-sweet was my favorite! One box-8 squares will do 20 pretzels for me!)

White Chocolate (I like Bakers or Ghiradelli’s)  (to drizzle over the top, totally optional)

Sprinkles, M&Ms, nuts, whatever tickles your fancy to decorate your pretzels

Cookie Sheet

Wax Paper

Pretzel Bags (Wal-Mart had them for $1.79/20)



I totally melt all my chocolate in the microwave! It is the easiest way to do it! Go for 30 second intervals and stir in between. I think it only took me a total of 2 1/2 minutes (but make sure you don’t just set your microwave for 2 minutes and walk off, do the 30 seconds at a time or you might scorch your chocolate and that is NO good!)



Once your chocolate is all melted, tip the bowl on its side to let the chocolate all gather on the side to roll your chocolate in. You can put as much on as you like! Place them on the wax paper covered cookie sheet. If you are decorating with sprinkles, you can start once all your pretzels are dipped. But if you are using M&Ms, you’ll want to let your chocolate harden a bit or your M&Ms will just slide right off! DSC_5030

Once they are decorated, put them in the fridge for about 1/2 an hour to help the chocolate harden. I then melt my white chocolate (you’ll only need a couple squares of it) and drizzle it over, then place the pretzels back in the fridge for another 1/2 hour before packaging in your pretzel bags.



The pretzels below I brought to our Women’s Christmas Party!


And then my FABULOUS friend and blogging partner in crime, Jenny, made me some beautiful tags to go along with my pretzels that I wanted to give away as gifts and she then made it into a FREE PRINTABLE for all of you!!!


And I must apologize for the quality of the above picture! I was literally getting ready to leave and deliver a bunch of these when I realized I hadn’t taken a final picture so I grabbed a couple, threw them on the counter and snapped a picture! (Always oh so prepared and organized I tell ya! )

Here are Jenny’s adorable tags that you can now download and add to YOUR pretzel gifts!! (just click on the picture below!)


Chocolate Covered Pretzels


Indoor S’mores Gift Basket {Free printable}

If you are looking for an inexpensive gift for someone on your list this Indoor S’mores Gift Basket may be the answer. Depending on what you already have on hand it should only cost between $10-$12.

smores (4 of 6)


Here is what you will need.

indoor smores


1. 8 cups of Golden Grahams Cereal

2. 1 1/2 cups chocolate chips

3. 6 cups of marshmallows

4. 3 Cookie Bags plus a larger storage bag.

5. Basket (Dollar Store)

6. Cellophane (Dollar Store)

7. Ribbon (I got mine at the Dollar Store)

8. Indoor S’mores Printable Recipe (click here)


Package it up…

Put the 8 cups of Golden Grahams in the larger storage bag.

Put the chocolate chips in one of the cookie bags.

Put 3 cups each of the marshmallows in the other two cookie bags.

Put your big bag of Golden Grahams in the basket first. Then center the chocolate chips and put the two marshmallow bags on either side of the chips. Cut a piece of cellophane to fit around your basket, tie it with a cute ribbon and add the recipe. 


smores (1 of 6)

These are so easy to make.

Don’t you think they look delicious? They are. Trust me.

And the only ingredients the person receiving the basket will need is

corn syrup, butter and vanilla. You could add them if you’d like,

but most likely they will already have them on hand.

smores (6 of 6)

It’s a perfect homemade gift for almost anyone on your list.

Click on the picture below if you’d like to download the recipe.


Indoor Smores Printable


smores (4 of 6)


Decorating tips & a free Printable

So, I have another good friend. Her name is Courtney.

She has an amazing eye when it comes to decorating.

She arranged this beauty below for me.

courtney decorations-5

Whenever we go to her house she always has these amazing displays of cuteness. A few years ago our friend Caryn (remember her from yesterdays post-maybe it’s that last picture from the post that is still haunting you) anyway, she walked up to one of Courtney’s displays and says, ‘Now, where can I buy one of these ‘sets’.  We were all anxiously awaiting her reply. But, instead she just laughed and said, ‘There are no ‘sets’. I mostly use things I already have and then change them up every season.’

She makes it seem so easy.

Since then we’ve told her that she should really start creating‘sets’ and selling them. I even came up with a name. ‘Sets By Courtney’.

Original. I know.

But, every time we said the name out loud it sounded like something else. Her husband was one of the first to ask, ‘What did you say?’

Ok, so we’ll work on the name.

Today I am going to show you what she did with my ‘stuff’ I’ve collected over the years. Most of it is Christmas decorations, but I also got out glasses, vases and other things for her to work with. 

courtney decorations-1courtney decorations-2


Courtney’s Decorating Tips

1. I always try to use what I have on hand.

2. Create different heights. It makes it more visually appealing.

3. Use cloth napkins or extra fabric. They make great coverings to set your decorations on.

4. I love working with foliage and flowers. They can cover up something you want to hide, plus it just makes it look pretty!

5. I have Christmas, fall, and spring leaves. I change them out every season even if I don’t change the decor around them. It just gives things a whole new look.

6. I like to have things with some kind of texture, it just seems to make the display ‘pop’.

7. I like to “nest” things together rather than spreading them all out.


Now that you have some tips I will show you her magic.

I’ve always wanted to do a ‘white’ display, but it always made me nervous with the kids. I decided this was my year. I went through my decorations and started setting aside all of my silver and white things. Here is Courtney gettin’ to work.

I have such cute friends.

courtney decorations-3

I had some green fabric that this cute sister left at my house. (You snooze you lose sis.) Courtney set the fabric down first. See how my picture frame is sitting up? She put a box under the fabric to give it some height. The tall silver candle holder and the one in the glass jar are both hers, but pretty much everything else is mine.

She took this ribbon that I have had for years and layered it in my Dollar Store glass jars. Then she added some ornaments and foilage. She played around with it for awhile and came up with this. Who would have thought to add ribbon as a filler. She is so good.


courtney decorations-8courtney decorations-5courtney decorations-9

She also helped me decorate last year as well. I displayed the same print as above only this year I changed the picture and the colors. I guess it’s sort of a tradition now that it’s been two years in a row.

I made the ‘BELIEVE’ blocks myself. Lucky for you I created the printable for you to make your own as well. Scroll to the end if you’d like to print them. I thought it might be too much ‘believe’, but my daughter, Abby, insisted that it looked good and it was all part of the theme. So, I kept it. 


courtney decorations-6


Once you print out the blocks of ‘BELIEVE’ you will see tiny snowflakes on them. I like to add small dots of glitter glue or Stickles to make them stand out even more. Can you see them? I’ve actually seen this glitter glue at Walmart for only .99 cents. Love it. 

courtney decorations-1-2


Now on to the warm colors in our family room. The only thing I think I bought this year in this display is that gold bucket at Michael’s on Black Friday. I knew she would snatch that right up to decorate with. See, I’m learning.


courtney decorations-1-3

I love how she turned my glass container upside down, put ornaments under it and uses the bottom to display the snowflake. The rest of the stuff around it is just decorations that are in the dollar section at Michaels. Courtney just has a way of placing it in a way that makes it seem like it came in a ‘set’.

courtney decorations-2-2

This is another one of my wood signs I made.

Complete with gold glittered snowflakes of course.

courtney decorations-4-2

Here is the other side. More Christmas wonderland.

courtney decorations-7-2courtney decorations-6-2

The JOY blocks are also a set of my wood signs.

They were a hit at the craft fair this weekend.

courtney decorations-10-2

Doesn’t it make you want her to come over and decorate with your stuff? I think she needs to create these displays for a living. Or at least start creating ‘sets’ to sell.

Let me know if you have a better name for her ‘sets’.

I’ll let you know when she puts them on the market.

Thanks Court for making my house so pretty. And thanks to your cute daughter Finley for playing with Carson while we you worked.

courtney decorations-4


If you would like to make your own wood blocks click on the picture below to download the printable. You can find 2 inch wood blocks at most craft stores. I painted mine white, sanded the edges and have been using them all year long by changing out the word.  




Free Printable–Tis the season

Print this 8×10 printable and attach your favorite 4×6 photo.

Frame it and en’JOY’.

Joyful Tree


If you’d like to bling it up a little more use glitter glue on the star and dots on the tree and the snowflakes on the ornaments.


We print our prints on an ink jet printer and use a premium presentation matte paper.

Here is an example of what it will look like when printed.


Holiday Print framed


Officially time to decorate!


I think I have shared with you guys in the past that I can’t officially start decorating or celebrating one holiday until after the previous holiday is over, it’s a rule! Well, FINALLY I can start decorating for Christmas!!!

And today that is EXACTLY what I did! Or at least what I started to do. I only have about half my decorations done but it still feels so good to see half of them up!

Mondays are my day to stay home, get the beds stripped and sheets washed, get everything dusted, washed, vacuumed and put back into place. And since I was doing all that anyway, it seemed the perfect time to take down the Fall décor and usher in the Christmas decorations. Kaylee was my little helper and got so excited each time we pulled something new out of the box!

We started in our family room and I’ll share with you all some of my FAVORITE decorations for this part of our house. I seriously haven’t changed some of these since we moved into our home, 5 years ago now. They just work so well for this space.

Here is a picture of our mantle in our family room.


I try not to make this space too crowded at Christmas because our tree literally sits RIGHT NEXT to this, in the corner on the left of this picture.  If our tree was already up, you wouldn’t be able to see half the fireplace. But Tyler won’t be putting the tree up until next week (no matter how often I beg or how often I bribe the kids to beg!)

SO my favorite thing about this space is how perfectly I can hide the tops of those dangling ornaments. I started doing that with the ornaments the first year in our house (thanks to my friend Darcie who lived right up the road and had the same style wall unit who I totally copied, but she totally copied Martha Stewart so it all works out! ) I have a whole system worked out. I had to number the ornaments on the top (see my picture below) and then number the ceiling where each ornament is anchored in, it is pretty complicated but worth it since I love how they look. And such a cheap and easy way to add decoration to a space, all I needed were 2 boxes of ornaments, ribbon and tacks.


You can just barely see the number 8 on the top of the ornament above.  There is a coordinating number 8 on my ceiling so I know where to space it each year!

The next favorite thing I  have in this room is the garland in front of the fireplace. I actually made that in MOPS 3 year ago and I use it to hang our Christmas cards from. We get SO many photo cards that our fridge is literally COVERED in them but we do get actual cards from some of our friends too and this is the perfect place to display them. And it was so easy to make! Twine, clothes pins, paper, wood letters and some ribbon! (Thanks Jamie you are still the craft diva!)


The words spell out, Noel, Peace and Joy!

My kids FAVORITE thing in here is the advent houses we got from Costco a few years ago. These houses are really cute, they have doors and windows and such that open so you can stash some candy away for the kiddos as you do your Christmas countdown. This year I plan on filling some of those spaces with the FREE Printable Advent that Jenny did yesterday, you can find that here.


And new to the décor this year, is the beautiful printable I found on Pinterest this week.  (Click on the photo for a link to the blog, Simple as That and I love the name of that blog!) There are lots of colors to chose from!


And I really LOVE our nativity snow globe!  Especially next to those words! Through Jesus, I have found Joy, Hope and Peace. I believe in the reason for this season!! MERRY CHRISTMAS!!

I look forward to finishing the decorating and sharing it with you! Is your house decorated yet? I wanna see!!!!