‘Orange You Glad’ Gift Idea (Free Printable Tags)

Oh Hello!

It’s been awhile. We know.

Let’s pretend we haven’t been absent for almost 7 months. Ok? Good.

I’ve seen these cute ‘Orange You Glad’ gifts on Pinterest and decided they would make a fun back to school gift for my kids’ teachers. We made this basket below and added some fun ‘orange’ items. Obviously we are past ‘back to school’. So, I not only made a couple of tags for teachers, but I also made them so that they could be given to friends, co-workers and birthday gifts as well! Scroll to the bottom to print out the free printable tags.

organge you glad picture

Here is a cute one from My Pookie Designs.

Orange-you-glad-gift Pookie Designs

I had pinned this idea from Coley’s Corner awhile back which is where I got the idea for the orange tags. I love the cup filled with orange things.

coleys corner orange you glad

I love this simple gift idea because it can be one ‘orange’ item or many ‘orange’ items.

Click HERE or on the image below to download and print these free tags.



Orange you glad


organge you glad picture


Now, ORANGE you glad we came back?


(and Jess…she’s here too…really!)

‘Pin The Kiss’ Game

My daughter made up this game last year when my son turned four. We played it at his family birthday party and the kids thought it was so funny. I can’t believe he is going to be five soon. My baby is growing up!

Pin the Kiss

This game is very simple to create. Take a picture of your ‘victim’ with his/her mouth open and hands up.


Print it out and hang it on a wall. I think I only had 8.5×11 inch paper at the time, but it would be fun to print a really big one!


Put some tape on the bottom of Hershey’s kisses and have your guests try to “Pin the Kiss’ in their mouth or on one of their hands. Here is the birthday boy pinning on his kiss!


First sister checking her ‘pin’.


Second sister taking her shot. Soon to be Uncle thought it would be funny to place himself in front of the picture which threw her off.


Yeah…not even close…we gave her a second chance.


The first of my sister’s taking her turn…pretty close!


Second sister…she got it right in his mouth! It was cool, until we got her to admit she could see through her blindfold!

The kids wanted to write their names next to their kisses just to MAKE SURE who was closest in the end. Honestly we had not point system, but it would be simple enough to make one up if you were having a bigger party. Ten points closest to the mouth, five points if you pin it on the hands. You could even give each person two kisses if it was a bigger print!


Points or no points the kids thought it was fun and it’s such an easy game to create!

Pin the Kiss


Cutest 1st birthday party. ever.

I had to share this birthday party with all of you. This adorable little girl belongs to Jussi, a friend of both of my sisters. My sisters had stopped by my house after the party and I was ooohing and ahhing over the cuteness. So, I begged Jussi to let me show off her sweet little girl. Jussi was at my wedding 12 years ago. I was tempted to post a picture of her from it, but decided I would be nice since she is so kindly letting me post about her little one.

Let’s start with her name. Ruby Mae. Does it get any cuter than that? ‘Ruby’ was Jussi’s husband’s great great aunt who passed away last May. And ‘Mae’ was Jussi’s great aunt that she was very close to. She passed away two years ago this month. I think it’s very precious that she is carrying on their names.


The pictures in this post were taken by Jussi’s friends.

You will love the way Jussi decorated for Ruby’s 1st birthday. The burlap ‘ONE’ in front of her high chair and the banner for her cake (see above) make it so unique. And the tied fabric on the back of the high chair completes it.


Look at those gorgeous tables.


She strung pictures on the fence of Ruby’s first year.


The frame below was hung from a tree in between the tables. The pictures are of both Ruby and Mae who she was named after. Adorable.


Ruby 2

She set up a photo both with props. Love.

Those pretty girls on each end are my sisters.


That is Jussi on the left with Ruby, Ruby’s Aunt and Grandma.



Ruby 3


Seriously. Stop. The. Cuteness.


I think Ruby was quite pleased with her party. Well, at least her cake.


She can’t wait to see what her Mommy has planned for her 2nd birthday.

I can’t wait either.


Happy 1st Birthday Ruby Mae.