The ladies behind Plum Adorable…


Hello there!!!! Welcome to Plum Adorable! We are Jenny and Jess, 2 friends with a love for blogs, crafty stuff, reading, and so much more! We  are so inspired by the ideas and lives of so many of our favorite blogs, that we decided to start one for ourselves! And trust us when we say, we really have no idea what we are doing!! But we think it will be a fun adventure and we are so glad that you have stopped by to visit. Here is a little bit of info about us- we met at church, became fast friends who realized that we had WAY too much in common…..


1. Not only do our first names begin with J, but we were lucky enough to have one of those ever so popular 80’s names that were shared with AT LEAST 2 other girls in all our classes growing up, so we had to be Jessica F. or Jenny B. along with Jessica K. Jessica M. and Jenny J. and Jenny R.!


2. We share the same middle name! We MIGHT tell you what it is….depending on how much chocolate you are willing to send our way!


3. We are both addicted to crafting and creating! Which also leads to another addiction…..BLOGS!!


4. We LOVE to read blogs and can get caught up in the reading of said blogs into the wee hours of the night or until someone kicks us off the computer!


5. We dress alike! Yep, we will show up at church in practically the same outfit (especially if it includes jeans, a tank and cute sweater and really cute flats!) and NO we did not call each other the night before to coordinate! It also happens with our kids! Not only similar outfits, but colors too!


6. We are both a little bit PARTICULAR about how we like things done (some might call it OCD, but that sounds so clinical!) and we are working this out daily. We have moved on from having to see vacuum lines in the carpet on a daily basis.


7. We LOVE photography and really want to become much better at it.  But, I will be totally honest when I tell you that we both have awesome and expensive cameras (ask the hubby’s, they’d love to talk to you about how much $ was invested into the cameras (only don’t really ask because we don’t really want to have that talk again!)) but the really sad part is that only ONE of us has moved their camera from the auto setting. ;( And it isn’t me (Jess).


8. We LOVE to scrapbook, although that probably falls under the crafting category above, I just had to mention that we both REALLY enjoy scrapbooking! And maybe one day (when our kids are grown and out of the house) we will actually get caught up!


9. Come to find out, we both share of a love for the MOPS (Mothers of Preschoolers) program and have both been involved in leadership with it. (If you have kids under age 7, even if it is your youngest, check out a MOPS program in your area- you’ll love it!)


10. We both have a hard time saying the big N-O word. Maybe that is why our calendars are overflowing and we are running in circles half the time.


11. This one is just between you and me- We are both Twilight fans!! (as in, we read the books more than once, have been to each premiere and might have even worn a T-Shirt that any 12 year old might have fought us for!) Let’s move on…..


12. We both love to read and have many of the same favorite authors (if you have not read Jenny B Jones yet, get out there and get one of her books!) Have you read ‘The Help’ by Katherine Stockett? Go buy it NOW! Check out my review here.  Jenny’s side note: Jess is a reading maniac. She can read a book in a day. She read ‘Water for Elephants’ in 3 days! Have you seen how long that book is?


13.We are both 30-ish and that is as close as you are getting to the real numbers friend! Jenny’s side note: ONE of us is 30ish…the other is tipping the halfway point of 30…ugh!

14. We were both married in the summer of 2000 and both of our birthdays are in May!


15. Our amazing husbands (Robert- Jenny’s husband and Tyler- Jess’ hubby) even look alike (even though they don’t really think so). Just last week as we stood in our church doorway greeting people, someone came up and asked Tyler (Jess’ husband) a question about children’s church and Tyler said, “You must be looking for Robert, he is in charge of that”, to which the person replied, “Aren’t you Robert?!” :) And even though Jenny and I (Jess), look nothing alike, we are mistaken for each other A LOT! Last week at the baptismal picnic, I got called Jenny 3 times, no joke folks! :)


16. Though I am listing it last, it most certainly is not least, I think I just want it to be one of the things that you remember most about us. We both LOVE JESUS! We are also blessed to belong to an amazing church family and have the most amazing friends that we get to share too!


There are a few differences too!


1. Jenny has 3 kids and Jess only has 2! (someone is an overachiever! ;) )


2. Jess does NOT like coffee, Jenny thinks she is weird! Jenny has a bit of an obsession with coffee! (Jess will drink it if it is so disguised by chocolate and sugar that you can’t even tell that it was once coffee!)


3. Jess will NEVER drive a mini van, Jenny has 3 kids- a mini van is kind of a necessity! Jenny’s side note: If anyone knew me in highschool I always said I’d never drive a mini van. Does that count? I do love like my mini van. For now. And if you want to see how cool we really think we are this video sums it up quite nicely.


4. Jenny has a horse- I mean large dog (Rhodesian Ridgeback) while Jess is happy to report that there are no animals in residence! Jenny’s side note: No comment.


Thanks for stopping by!

~Jess & Jenny

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