Mini Tacos For Lunch


This year I wanted to buy my girls ‘Bento’ boxes for their school lunches.

My goal is to try to make some of their lunches a little more interesting.

                                                        (not the usual pb&j).

Most of the ‘Bento’ type boxes I searched for were pretty expensive.

Then my oldest daughter, Abby, told me about a lunch box her best friend Jordyn had.

(side note: I originally did not mention my daughters’ names until  ‘Abby’  read this and said…

“Oh yay! I’m on your blog! Except, you need to tell them our names, mom!” ;)

I talked to Jordyn’s mom (who is also my friend–thanks again for your edit Abby)

and she told me she got them at Safeway.

They were made by Sistema. And the best part is they were only $6.99!


I saw this recipe from Hispanic Kitchen for mini tacos.

My kids love tacos and I thought they would really like them at school.


What you need to make the mini taco shells:

Flour Tortillas

Circle Shape (about 4 inches) – I used my apple wedge slicer!

Muffin Tin Pan

How to Make:

Pre-heat oven to 350 degrees

Take three tortillas at a time.

Wrap them in wet paper towels and microwave them for 30 seconds to get them soft.

Put your circle cutter on a tortilla and cut around it with a knife.

I was able to cut two circles out of each tortilla. (see step by step here)

Place your circle tortillas in your muffin tin. I sprayed them with a little Pam.

Put them in the oven at 350 for about 10 to 15 minutes.


When they come out they are cute mini taco shells.

Add some taco meat, your child’s favorite toppings (my girls like them plain jane) and that’s it!

My oldest daughter (9) said she was able to warm her taco meat in her classroom.

                              I guess her teacher has a microwave they can use? Who knew?

But, she would probably eat them cold too because she loves tacos.

You could also put the taco meat in a thermos to keep it warm.


My younger daughter, Ella, was a little unsure of trying to make them at school (she’s only six).

She said she wanted to eat them though. Right after I made them.

So, at 8:00 at night, right before bed, she ate up two mini tacos.

Then she begged to have them for dinner again soon!

These lunch boxes are perfect for this kind of lunch.

I also like to put notes in their lunches.

There are a lot of free printables for jokes and other lunch notes.

Like these from Sprik Space ….

If you can’t read the note below it says….

Who invented fractions???

Henry the 1/4    ;)

Sprik Space has four weeks of lunch jokes you can print off.

Click here to see them all.

Your kids will be laughing merrily as they eat their mini tacos.








A minor obsession…

So Jenny and I have had a bit of a minor obsession going lately… other than Pinterest or blogging that is! We are a teeny tiny bit addicted to rosettes. Remember the adorable rosette bookmark that Jenny made for our first post? (You can find it here.) Well, it all started with headbands for me, (which Kim and I taught our whole MOPS group to make last year), then I moved on to barrettes, then to putting them on wreaths and necklaces and then I found a very practical use for them at our church office! The reception desk needed a pen holder and I knew just what to add to that pen holder, rosettes!!!! And it cost me absolutely NOTHING to make since I had all the necessary items at home! You have never seen a soup can look this good ladies!!!!


I started with an empty, clean and dry soup can, some extra scrap paper that I had lying around and a few rosettes left over from my previous rosette making session. Oh and some hot glue to hold it all together!

And I must first apologize for the pictures here! They are not the best (remember I am the one who has yet to take her camera off the auto settings!) and I took these in a hurry.


Super cheap, super easy and super cute (if I do say so myself!) ~JESS

Easy Candy Corn Pudding & Free Printable

I’m not a huge fan of candy corn.

But, I do like all of the decorations and recipes that surround them.

Like this and these.

I thought it would be fun to make pudding cups that look like candy corn.

They were simple to make and the kids loved them!

Make them for a fall party or surprise your kids and put them in their lunch.


(All of you healthy people out there….just look away! ;)


What to do:

Open 3 vanilla pudding cups. Leave one plain vanilla.

Add yellow and red food coloring to another until you get desired orange color.

Add yellow food coloring to last pudding until you get desired yellow color.

I actually mixed them right in the containers they came in.

Take a clear plastic cup and add the pudding in this order; yellow, orange & white.

*Note: You could use cool whip as the white topping too! Yum!

Put some saran wrap or cellophane around the cup.

(Did you know you can buy cellophane on the roll at Dollar Tree? I love the Dollar Store!)

Print one of our free candy corn printables.

Add some cute ribbon, attach the candy corn and you have a fun fall dessert!

Click here or on the image below if you would like to download this printable.

8.5 x 11 print



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Reviews and Giveaways

These are a few of my favorite things….for today that is!!

Unfortunately this has been a very busy week so I don’t have a lot of crafts to share for today or even recipes because frankly I am not cooking a lot of GREAT meals lately. (A lot of crockpot basic meals happening to get us through days of school, soccer, martial arts, meetings, doctor appts,  etc.)

But there are some things that I want to share with my bloggy friends because these are the things that are making me happy, making me smile today!!

Like this commercial… it has been out there for a while but I just saw it again and fell in love with it all over again! We just introduced our kiddos to Star Wars too so they especially think it is funny right now!

And there are a couple of bands that I am listening to right now that make me happy! I LOVE LOVE LOVE music… when I am driving, cleaning, reading, I just love to have music going!

Just downloaded this to the IPod! My favorite is Just a Kiss but give me a few days, they’ll all be my favorite! I love me some Lady A!!

And Anthem Lights are a new Christian band that I discovered recently and LOVE! This is one of my favorites of theirs. I am not normally a boy band fan (at least not since High School…NSync…Backstreet Boys…nope NEVER heard of them! ;)

So nothing too crazy, just something to hopefully make you laugh, smile, or sing along with! Have a blessed day friends!!



‘Pin’ talicious!

If you haven’t gotten on the

‘pinterest’ bandwagon yet,

you are missing out…period.

It has pretty much replaced Facebook for me.

(You know, that other internet time waster.)

I usually ‘pin’ late at night on my husbands eee Pad.

(‘eee Pad’. Like an iPad  but better.  Not really… ‘eee Pad’. It’s all I know.)

 Lately I’ve been falling asleep ‘pinning’.

I used to fall asleep reading an actual book.

You know those paper ones?

But now I doze off looking at all of

 the creative ideas people come up with.

I keep telling my husband that we

should own stock in this puppy.

To which he replies…

‘They don’t have stock to own.’

Whatever. Details.

Before I get to a couple of our favorite ‘pins’

below are some sayings that I’ve found while ‘pinning’.

         (duh! Where else would I find them?)

They reflect my feelings perfectly….

Ha ha….they make me laugh every time I read them!

(Only you pinterest lovers are laughing with me right now.)

Now, while lots of time

can be wasted spent on pinterest

we really have found tons of new

recipes and fun craft ideas.

We thought it would be fun to have a

‘Pin’ talicious post once a week.

(The idea for the name came from a favorite book in our house. Pinkalicious )

Below are a few of our favorite pins.


(click on the pictures below to take you to the pin board)

I love this idea.

Take a favorite photo and add the details of what your child loves.

I am sooo making this.

     The Chocolate Cola Cake…um…yum!

I actually stole a 2 liter of coke at our church leadership bbq last night.

Well, ‘stole’ is a strong word. They told us to take any left over food.

I chose to take a 2 liter of coke. For my cake. That will eventually be food.

Thanks Britt for hiding it under your shirt for me. ;)

How cute is this??

These would make great gifts.

And if you check out our ‘How to print on fabric’ post

they should be easy for you to do!

If you would like to join pinterest

you have to be ‘invited’ by a friend.

It’s a very ‘special’ club I tell ya.

Seriously. They should have stock.

We would be more than happy to send you an invite.

Just send us a message here with your email address.

See you next week with more of our favorite ‘pins’!

The beauty of ‘pinterest’

is that the ideas NEVER stop flowing

and there will always be something

new for us to share with you!


Fall is in the Air

Well it doesn’t actually feel like fall here in the Northwest today….

It is 80 degrees which is VERY warm for a late September day up here. I am almost sad that I took down all my Summer decor. But seeing my fall decor makes me excited for the leaves to change, for days with chili cooking away in the crock pot and for some caramel apple cider (since I don’t drink coffee!! and yes I know that is weird!)

Jenny shared her adorable fall décor a few days ago and blessed you all with a couple of her awesome free printables! So I am going to share my fall décor ideas with you too and a printable from another crafty blog out there.


This is my piano in my formal living room (the room that the kids can’t play in, on top of the piano that no one knows how to play yet! At least it looks pretty and provides a great place for my fall décor to be displayed! Seriously, we plan on someone learning to play the piano at some point.) The adorable Autumn Blessings printable can be found right here on our blog. Thanks Jenny!!



This is our mantle over our TV unit in our family room. The fall printable that you see was from Simply Sweet Home’s blog and can be found here. And the “Countdown to Candy” blocks were from a tutorial post I saw over a year ago at How Does She and can be seen here. They no longer have the tutorial up but I think you can still buy pre-made kits for them. My kids LOVE countdown blocks! We have made them for other holidays and events too, like for baby shower gifts or birthdays.



How to Print On Fabric & Printable

Have you ever printed on fabric?

You won’t believe how easy it is!

 Do you have an ink jet printer?

Then get to it!


What you will need:

1. A Frame  

(If you want to download this printable you will need an 8×10 frame)

2. Fabric

I used ‘Osnaburg’- It sort of has a burlap look to it.  

3. Freezer Paper 

 You can buy this at your local grocery store.

 4. Iron


Cut out an 8.5 x 11 of freezer paper.

Cut out an 8 x 10 piece of fabric.

Iron your fabric to get out any wrinkles.

Take your piece of fabric and place it on the shiny side of the freezer paper.

    (center the fabric as best as you can onto the paper)

Next, iron the fabric onto the paper.

The iron should be hot enough so that the fabric completely sticks & won’t peel off.

Carefully place the paper in the printer

and print your desired image.



Tingle with joy as you watch it come out of the printer and see that it actually worked!

Peel off the freezer paper and put it in a frame.

I used clear tape and taped it onto the glass part of the frame.

(I put the glass behind the fabric because it’s more fun that way)

Stand back and tingle with joy again

at how easy it was!



It wasn’t until I posted the picture that I noticed how I placed

Mr. Scarecrow on the pumpkin… in relation to the stem. 

No funny comments please ;)


Click here or on the image below to download. 




Fall Printables

Two Fall printables.

Click on the image to download.

Click here to see more free printables.

We plan to have many more in the future!


8 x 10 print


8 x 10 print

 Jenny & Jess

Book Review~ The Help by Kathryn Stockett

I should first preface my book review by letting you know that I read a lot, truly, A LOT. Since I tend to go through books so quickly, I almost never actually purchase books. I get 99% of what I read through the library, the other 1 % is borrowing from friends or the very rare occasion when I decide to actually buy a book. And when I buy a book , it is because I plan on reading it again (many, many times) and I plan on telling all my friends how amazing I thought it was and how they HAVE to read it, “You can even borrow my copy”! So I will start this book review by letting you know that I ran out and bought this book and then I handed it off to Jenny the second I finished it and said, “You HAVE to read this!” Then I told my book club that they HAD to read it and I told all my Facebook friends that they HAD to read it and so on….


The Help is a fictional story set in Jackson, Mississippi in 1962 and speaks from the viewpoint of three “ordinary” women, 2 black maids and one young white woman, newly graduated from college. The maids, Aibileen and Minny have been working for white families and raising the children in these white families for as long as they can remember, watching their mothers and grandmothers do the jobs that they are now doing themselves. The young white woman, Skeeter, dreams of becoming a writer and is forced to look at her life when she is instructed to “write about something that disturbs you, particularly if it bothers no one else”.


She discovers that she is particularly bothered by the way her friends, her family and those she has grown up with in Jackson treat the women who are working daily to clean their homes, prepare their meals, raise their children, and keep their secrets, the women who are often known as “the help.” Skeeter, decides to write (in secret) a tell all story about what it’s really like to work as a black maid in the homes of white women in Jackson. In order to write her story, she needs to find maids who are willing to tell their stories, to share their secrets and take an enormous risk in doing so.


Through these stories, and this book, we get to know Aibileen, the quiet, kind and strong maid to Skeeter’s good friend Elizabeth and Minny, the sassy, smart-mouthed maid who is having a hard time finding a job due to her inability to tame her tongue. And we get to know Skeeter and her friends, not only through Skeeter’s eyes but also through the stories the maids tell about these women. Women, like Hilly Holbrook, Skeeter’s long time friend, who is trying to start an initiative that encourages the white families to build separate outdoor bathrooms for the colored help. And women like Cecilia Foote, considered to be “white trash” by Hilly and her society friends. Life in Jackson, Mississippi is just on the brink of change, on the cusp of civil rights and everyone is being affected by this in some way, whether they like it or not.


I simply could not put this book down, I was so caught up in the lives of these women. I felt like I was living their stories with them, I could hear the southern drawl pouring out onto the pages as their stories unfolded so vividly before me. I was touched by this book, by the story of the unlikely friendship that builds between these women who are risking so much just to tell their stories. And oh, the stories they tell!! Not only about the hard and sometimes crazy things they experience as the help but also the tenderness and love that can exist between these maids and their employers and their children. I wept (okay, ugly cried) at certain parts of this story, especially when you read about the heartache involved in loving and raising these babies to only have to someday walk away or be treated like you are nothing more than a maid. I can not recommend this book enough!! I didn’t want to give away too much of the story, I want you to go out and get your own copy because friends, you HAVE to read this book!


Happy Fall Printable

I love the fall.

Since we never really had a summer here in the Northwest

 I was more than happy to welcome the ‘true’ fall season.

Fall decorations are great because unlike Christmas we have three months

 to enjoy them. It also means that we can change them up througout the season.

I saw this wood sign on groopdealz and decided to make one myself.

I took a piece of wood, painted it, distressed it and cut out my own vinyl lettering.

Our favorite place to order vinyl is from Expressions Vinyl. They have the best prices!

 On my mantel I have been re-using these blocks as the season change.

I bought square blocks. (You can find them at almost any craft store)

I painted them white and cut out scrap paper the same size as the square.

Once I decide on a word I cut out my letters and adhere them to the blocks.

 That open spot under the word ‘laughter’ bothers me. I have problems like that. :)

Summer mantel.

I used the same colored paper for the background and just cut out new letters.

The other side of my mantel (well, technically they are book shelves) ;)

 We’ve created this Happy Fall print for you to download and use as well.

Click on the print to download.

8 x 10 print

 Happy Fall!